CCN Preview : May 2013

Cover of Canadian Chess News, May, 2013

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As the cover suggests, there is extensive coverage of the 2013 Candidates' Tournaments for the World Championship, by IM Deen Hergott. Many games are analyzed, including the crucial game played between Aronian and Kramnik in round 12.

In this position, Aronian played 50. g6 . Was it a good move or a mistake?

FM Vladimir Pechenkin analyzes games from the Philadelphia Open, in which IM Aman Hambleton, IM Bindi Cheng and Michael Song participated. IM Hambleton also analyzes two of his recent games, one from the UTDallas Open and the other from the Reykjavik Open.

Readers will find another detailed article, written by Vlad Rekhson, about the Alberta Championship, won by GM Hansen.
It was the strongest Alberta Closed Chess Championship in history, with the following players :
1. GM Eric Hansen (Calgary, 2588 CFC, 2557 FIDE)
2. IM Edward Porper (Edmonton, 2492 CFC, 2418 FIDE)
3. IM Richard Wang (Edmonton, 2460 CFC, 2376 FIDE)
4. FM Vladimir Pechenkin (Edmonton, 2417 CFC, 2357 FIDE)
5. NM Alex Yam (Calgary, 2380 CFC, 2275 FIDE)
6. NM Vlad Rekhson (Calgary, 2135 CFC, 2093 FIDE).

Ed Yetman continues with an interesting opening : Keres’ 2.Ne2 against the Sicilian. This opening is illustrated with one of Keres most famous games : Paul Keres - Bobby Fischer, Candidates Tournament Curacao (14),1962 .

Finally, for the last time, IM Edward Porper gives precious advices in the Coach’s Corner, this time about psychology.

From the Editor

That’s the last issue of my tenure as the Editor, and I am glad it features a great article about a great event: Deen Hergott’s thoughts concerning the Candidates Tournament are as comprehensive and incisive as ever. Vlad Rekhson’s report about the 2013 Alberta Closed is also well worth reading as it appears at the best possible time for the province: from May, 1 Albertans can boast the official number one player in Canada. Ed Yetman returns in an altogether new role as now heemploys his considerable literary talent to cover unusual opening variations. Finally, our monthly column Canadians Abroad seems to be in a good shape as well. I wish the best of luck to my successor and hope the readership will enjoy the issues produced under his guidance.
Edward Porper

Inside this issue

And Then There Was Magnus! 6
by IM Deen Hergott
Canadians Abroad 19
By FM Vladimir Pechenkin
GM Hansen wins strongest Alberta 27
Championship in history
By Vlad Rekhson
Keres' 2.Ne2 against the Sicilian 34
By Ed Yetman
Coach’s Corner 38
By IM Edward Porper

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