Best of the Web: week 16


Hi everyone!

Will chess soon have a new World Champion?

My picks of the week go to websites providing coverage of the Anand-Carlsen match currently taking place in Chennai, India. After four games, the match is tied 2-2. The first two games were uneventful, but the match seems to be gathering momentum, with games three and four being much more entertaining. Let's hope the trend continues! Chessbase provides an overview of the tournament and quick coverage of round 4, while The Week in Chess provides a short article, some Kasparov Tweets, and an in depth analysis of game three if you scroll down the page.

On different topics, here are some suggestions from John:

John is looking forward to seeing some exciting games at a World Championship, so he'll be looking to Opatija, Croatia starting Tuesday Nov. 12. Follow the event here! 

John also recommends checking out the "chessinterviews" blog, which has links to interviews with titled players from Aagaard to Zugic. The 1994 interview with Suttles has some interesting remarks on his style, and one of the interviews with Aronian has this (de)motivational gem:

Online question: "I’m 18 and play at approximately a 1950-2000 level. Can I reach 2300 Elo?"

Lev Aronian: "2300 isn’t the kind of summit that’s hard to conquer. Even if you only devote 3-4 hours a week to chess you should be able to reach that level in a couple of years, as long as you have the chance to play in tournaments."

And John to comment: "For what it's worth, I think Aronian's answer shows how clueless he is about the difficulties faced by sub-experts, but I would also bet that every chess player would say the same thing he did about an Elo rating that's 500 points below their own current level."

What do you think? 

 See you next week!