CCN Sept 2013 Teaser: Sambuev - Preotu, CoQ, 2013

The Sept CCN is finished and should be arriving in your email soon. This month's teaser: Sambuev - Preotu (COQ, 2013), with Razvan's notes.

The Sept CCN is finished and should be arriving in your email soon. It features articles on the Championnat du Quebec, Canadians Abroad, Pillsbury in Canada, and IM Edward Porper on his GM Norm performance in Chicago, as well as the usual tournament coverage. 


The report on the COQ originally appeared here on the CFC Newsfeed, as did two of the games annotated by Keith MacKinnon. The CCN COQ report also includes games annotated by IM Aman Hambleton, IM Edward Porper, and newly-minted FM Razvan Preotu (who wrote the notes before his title was confirmed).

Razvan's game is this month's CCN Teaser. He wrote exceptionally detailed notes to his round 1 win over Canadian Champion GM Bator Sambuev. It is probably better not to think of them as regular annotations, but as a research project: it's a complex Benoni and Razvan is clearly trying to thoroughly work out the strategical and tactical nuances in detail. Anyone who plays the Benoni will benefit from carefully going through his analysis.


Given Bator’s title and rating, I’m going to call Razvan’s win an “upset”... but I might not be able to do so for long. Here are Razvan’s results against Bator from 2013:

• loss, Hart House Winter Open, February
• win, Guelph Winter ProAm, February
• loss, Hart House Reading week, February
• loss, KW Riedstra, March
• draw, Guleph Spring ProAm, April
• draw, Guelph PreSummer ProAm, June
• win, Quebec Open, July.

Current score: +2 =3 -3


Is this the best recent score by any Canadian against Sambuev?  

Enjoy the game:
CCN 2013.09 Teaser: Sambuev - Preotu