Coordination Discoordination

A. Todd (1723) – K. Chung (2286), Canadian University Chess Championship 2013

In this position, Black has won two pieces for a rook and has a strong passed pawn on the second rank. However, his pieces on the 3rd rank are slightly loose. What should he do about this?

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Watch out for White’s equalizing tricks.

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1… Rc3! (The trickier 1… Rb7, which was played in the game, actually backfires: 2. Rxd3 Rb1 3. Rf3+ and Rff1 to follow, where White has won a piece back. Sadly, in the game, White blundered back with 2. Ree1 and eventually lost.) Though it may look as if Black’s pieces are uncoordinated, his pawn on c2 makes White’s coordination even worse. After 2. Kf2, Black can continue with the simple plan of 2… Nc4 3… Rb3 and 4… Rb1, winning.