Open Lines

M. Pang (1829) – A. Green (2010), Abe Yanofsky Memorial 2011

White’s previous move, 1. exd5, was a mistake—with the simple 1. Be2, he could have kept a large advantage against Black’s forlorn king. What must Black do to seize a decisive advantage?

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Make use of the long diagonal.

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1… cxd5 2. Bb3 natural, but White does not see what Black is threatening 2… Bc6? Apparently neither does Black!

Instead, 2… Rg8 would have won on the spot: 3. Qxh6 d4! is winning for Black, who has too many threats on the long diagonal combined with the open g and h files.

After the game continuation, 2… Bc6, Black loses a tempo and White can escape the danger after 3. Qxh6 Rg8 4. Ne2.