Smothered by Pawns

R. Fillanders (1886) – S. Chuchin (1668), Riedstra Memorial 2012

Black’s king is cornered from every side, how should White tighten the noose?

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1. f6! Rd8 (1… g6 2. Ng4 Nf5 3. Nh6 forces mate. If 1… Nf5 the simple 2. Bd3 forces the win of material: 2…g6 3. Ng4 (3. Bxf5 gxf5 4. Nd3 forces mate.)) 2. Bd3 The point; Black cannot avoid loss of material. (In the game, White played the weaker 2. Bg4, but eventually still won.) With Bh7 coming next, Black can resign.