Dynamic Compensation

B. Sambuev (2700) – M. Voloaca (2327), RA Winter Open 2012

White has sacrificed a piece for two pawns and a strong attack. With Black’s last move: 1… Rd8, he failed to parry the threats White will be able to create on the h file. Best was 1 … Rh8, when White can reach an unbalanced but likely equal endgame after 2. e4 Kg8 3. e5 Nh7 4. Qxg7+! Kxg7 5. exd6+ Qf6 6. Bxf6+ Kxf6 7. Rxc5 where White has four pawns for the bishop.

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2. Rh4+ (2. e4 immediately would also have won.) Kg8 3. e4!

Now we see that compared to the line with the Black rook on h8, Black has no good reply to 4. e5, since any knight move loses to 5. Qh5 (the rook on h8 would protect the knight on h7 and allow Black to save his bishop).

3… Ne8 4. Qh5! f6 5. e5 Bxe5 6. Bxe5 Bb7 (6… fxe5 7. Ng5 with mate to follow) 7. Bc3 and with an extra pawn and a continued attack, White went on to win the game.