Best of the Web: Week 11

Hi everyone!

This week, John has art coming your way! There are a lot of sites with chess photos and art, and most of them have the familiar photos we've all seen before. This one has the familiar stuff, but also a lot of 19th century chess-themed art John had't seen before, as well as a surprising number of photos which were new to him. Check it out!

Félix picked an interesting article about the 100th British Chess Championship, which started last week. Amongst other things, IM Andrew Martin presents a game played in 1904, featuring Napier vs Chepmell. If you are interested in following the tournament itself, here is a link to the results. For now, David Howell is in the lead!

Ever tried Bughouse, Chess 960, or Cheshire Cat Chess? People seem to come up with really strange ideas to spice their chess lives up! If you're interested in a quick read about chess variants, then have a look at this Wiki page. Scroll down and read some of the descriptions, they're entertaining, I promise!

I used to spend a fair amount of time answering trivia questions on a website called Sporcle. Nerdy, I know. Fun, too! It has a wide range of challenges available and is completely free. Here's a fun chess-related game. Beating it by rushing to the finish isn't that hard, but answering all questions within the alloted 5 minutes, now there's a challenge! 

Finally, I would like to recommend a neat podcast series by former Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. It's called Chess Killer Tips and consists of short videos (problems, great games etc.) you can download to an iPod or any mp3 player. I used to watch these when I was stuck in the metro or on the bus! Here's the official website, and here's a link to the itunes page (free download).

See you next week!