Canadians at Gibraltar 2020

2020 Gibraltar Chess Festival
January 20-30, 2020.

The 2020 Gibraltar Chess Festival continues to be one of the world's top Open events. This year, the 10-round Swiss attracted 86 GMs, including 7 over 2700, and 24 over 2600. 

Seven players tied with 7.5/10, with GM David Paravyan (RUS) defeating GM Wang Hao (CHN) in the rapid playoff to take the title.

Five Canadians played in Gibraltar. Four were in the top section:

  • IM Raja Panjwani: 6.5/10; 37th; TPR 2567; Elo +18
  • GM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon: 6/10; 86th; TPR 2424
  • FM Victor Plotkin: 5/10; 114th; TPR 2466; Elo +47
  • IM Leon Piasetski: 4/10; 193rd; TPR 2150
  • Raja played 7 GMs (4/7), including wins over Kaidanov, and former Women's world Blitz and Rapid Champion GM Anna Muzychuk, but missed the GM Norm. 
  • Victor earned and IM Norm -- his second -- after scoring 3.5/8 against 5 GMs and 3 IMs!

In addition to the "Masters" section, Gibraltar holds several smaller events, including two 5-round Swisses:

  • David Filipovich played in both, scoring 2.5/5 in both the Challengers A and Challengers B.
  • Amazingly, in addition to playing in the Masters section, IM Leon Piasetski not only played in the Challengers 'A' section (meaning the 68-year-old (!) played two games a day for three days in a row against very strong opposition) but won it with a perfect 5/5. His opponents -- including three FMs -- had an average rating of 2119, but his perfect score produces a performance rating of either 2919, 2766, or 2519, depending on how it is calculated.


photo: Niki Riga captures FM Victor Plotkin getting his FIDE IM Norm document during the closing ceremony at the 2020 Gibralter Chess Festival.