2019 Continental Women's Champion: Maili-Jade Ouellet

The 2019 FIDE Women's North American Continental Championship took place November 20-26, 2019 in Aguascalientes, Mexico. 21 players from 8 countries competed in a 9 round Swiss with the winner qualifying for the 2020 World Cup.

The event was won by Canada's WIM Maili-Jade Ouellet! She scored +6 =3 -0 to finish with 7.5/9, a full 1.5 points ahead of three players at 6/9. Maili-Jade started with 4.5/5, including an upset win over top-seed IM Lisandra Teresa Ordana (Cuba) in round 5, and finished strongly with two draws and two wins in the final two rounds.

With the tournament win, MJ becomes Canada's second Women's Grand Master! She also qualifies for the 2020 Women's World Cup -- the knock-out tournament to determine the FIDE Women's World Champion -- scheduled for September 10 - October 3, 2020, in Minsk, Belarus.


2019 Continental Women's Chess Championship - Final Standings  (via chess-results.com)

Rk.  Title Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd 8.Rd 9.Rd Pts. 
1 WIM Ouellet Maili-Jade  2152 CAN  19w1   8b1   6b1   5w½   3b1   2w½   4w½   9b1  12w1 7.5
2 WIM Gonzalez Ochoa Yoana  2160 CUB  13b1   3w½   7b½  11w1   5b1   1b½   9w½   8w1   4b0 6
3 IM Ordaz Valdes Lisandra Teresa  2384 CUB  18w1   2b½   4w1   9b½   1w0  12b1   5w½   6b½  10w1 6
4 WIM Perez Rodriguez Jennifer  2239 PAR  11b½  14w1   3b0  10w½  15b1   6w1   1b½   5b½   2w1 6
5 WIM Forgas Moreno Yaniela  2310 CUB  10w1  12b1   9w½   1b½   2w0   7b1   3b½   4w½   6w½ 5.5
6 WGM Linares Napoles Oleiny  2221 CUB  17w1  20b1   1w0  12b½   9w1   4b0  11w1   3w½   5b½ 5.5
7 WGM Arribas Robaina Maritza  2201 CUB  16w1   9b0   2w½  17b1  12w½   5w0  18b1  13b½  11w1 5.5
8 WIM Miranda Llanes Yerisbel  2313 CUB  14b½   1w0  15b½  19w1  16w1   9b½  10w1   2b0  13w1 5.5
9 WIM Corrales Jimenez Zenia  2219 MEX  15b1   7w1   5b½   3w½   6b0   8w½   2b½   1w0  17w1 5
10 CM Sloan Julia Elizabeth  2079 USA   5b0  13w0 -1   4b½  18w1  14w1   8b0  16w1   3b0 4.5
11 WFM Abarca Gonzalez Damaris  2057 CHI   4w½  18b½  20w1   2b0  17w1  16b½   6b0  14w1   7b0 4.5
12 WFM Gutierrez Espinosa Karen  2142 CUB  21b1   5w0  13b1   6w½   7b½   3w0  16b½  20w1   1b0 4.5
13 WFM Parkhurst Casas Miriam  1936 MEX   2w0  10b1  12w0  18b0 -1  19w1  17b1   7w½   8b0 4.5
14 WFM Blanco Garcia Liliam Barbara  2104 CUB   8w½   4b0  18w1  16b0  20w1  10b0  21w1  11b0 -1 4.5
15 WIM Cosme Contreras Trilce  2007 PER   9w0  16b½   8w½  20b1   4w0  17b0 -1  19b½  21w1 4.5
16 WFM Gamboa Alvarado Olga Leticia  1977 CRC   7b0  15w½  21b1  14w1   8b0  11w½  12w½  10b0  20b½ 4
17 WFM Cardenas Ballester Maydelin  2014 CUB   6b0  21w1  19b1   7w0  11b0  15w1  13w0 -1   9b0 4
18 WIM Hernandez Alvarez Tania Regla  2115 CRC   3b0  11w½  14b0  13w1  10b0 -1   7w0  21b1  19w0 3.5
19   Ramirez Toledo Ayleen Maribel  1805 MEX   1b0 -1  17w0   8b0  21w1  13b0  20b0  15w½  18b1 3.5
20 WCM Parkhurst Casas Andrea Ju  1536 MEX -1   6w0  11b0  15w0  14b0  21b0  19w1  12b0  16w½ 2.5
21 WCM Sanchez Lopez Keren  1670 MEX  12w0  17b0  16w0 -1  19b0  20w1  14b0  18w0  15b0 2