2019 U16 Olympiad

2019 World Youth Chess Olympiad

October 28 - November 6, 2019. 
Corum, Turkey

The World Youth Chess Olympiad is FIDE's annual U16 Team Championship. It is a 9-round, 4-player team event, where each team must include at least one girl.

48 teams are playing, including 2 GMs (both from Uzbekistan), 11 IMs, and too many FMs to count.

After 5 of 9 rounds, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan are tied with +4 =1 -0. 


Canada entered one team, ranked 13th:

  1. FM Rohan Talukdar (2369)
  2. FM Eugene Hua (2285)
  3. FM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (2263)
  4. FM Nicholas Vettese (2235)
  5. WIM Svitlana Demchenko (1953)

Canada drew the top Turkish team (#4 overall) in round 2, but after five rounds, Canada stands 23rd with +2 =1 -2, following back-to-back losses to #1 seed Azerbaijan in round 4, and #10 Turkey (B) in round 5.

Canada's top performer so far is Rohan Talukdar with a 2532 performance after 4 games on board 1.


photo from Juniors to Masters facebook page: (L2R) Shawn, Svitlana, IA Vadim Tsypin, coach GM Gergley Szabo, Mrs.Vettese, Nicholas, Eugene, Rohan.