GOTW: Sambuev - Le Siege, Canadian International, 2019

The Canadian International Championship was held October 11-13, 2019 at the Sandman Hotel in Longueuil, Quebec (across the river from Montreal's groovy East End). It offered an amazing $18,000 guaranteed, possibly a Canadian record for a five-round weekend Swiss.

It attracted 317 players, including 6 GMs and 3 IMs (one with a FIDE rating of 1654!?). More titled players had registered, but several were no-shows.

GM Alexandre Le Siege won the Open section with 4.5/5. There was a 4-way tie for 2nd-5th between GM Thomas Roussel-Roozmon (who held Alex to his only draw), GM Camilio Gomez Garrido (CUB), IM Henry Robert Steel (RSA), and Jony Leon Valdez (CUB), each with 4/5. Top boards were broadcast live via DGT. One of the key games -- the final round between GM Sambuev and GM Le Siege -- is annotated below.

Section Winners:

  • U2100: Andy Caen (FRA); 5/5
  • U1800: Eric Cloutier, Abderaouf Sekki, and Benoit Villeneuve  (4.5/5; with 76 players, none of the top 3 played each other!?)
  • U1500: Alfredo Ilustrisimo Jr. (5/5)
  • U1200: Mardig Tachijian  (5/5)
Rank Title Name Fed Rd.1 Rd.2 Rd.3 Rd.4 Rd.5 Total
1 GM LE SIEGE Alexandre  CAN  27b1  14w1   7b1   2w½  12b1 4.5
2 GM ROUSSEL-ROOZMON Thomas  CAN  28w1  25b1   5w1   1b½   3w½ 4
3 GM GOMEZ GARRIDO Camilo Ernesto  CUB  17b1  24w1  12b½   4w1   2b½ 4
4 IM Steel Henry Robert  RSA  18w1  36b1   6w1   3b0  15w1 4
5 FM LEON VALDES Jony Wilson  CUB  54b+  16w1   2b0  34w1  14b1 4
6 GM ORTIZ SUAREZ Isan Reynaldo  CUB  35b1  10w1   4b0  33w1   7b½ 3.5
7 FM CHIKU-RATTE Olivier Kenta  CAN  45w1  40b1   1w0  30b1   6w½ 3.5
8 GM PEREZ RODRIGUEZ Luis Manuel  CUB  46b1  19w½  34b½  16w½  28b1 3.5
9 FM RODRIGUE-LEMIEUX Shawn  CAN  37b1  39w1 0  21b½  25w1 3.5
10 FM HIRSCHBERG Valerian  GER*  38w1   6b0  18w½  39b1  27w1 3.5
11   XU Daniel  CAN  25w0  45b½  49w1  32b1  23w1 3.5

* really? 

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