2019 Canadian Open: Results

2019 Canadian Open

The 2019 Canadian Open was held July 12-18, in Regina.

It was a 9-round Swiss in two sections: Open and U1800, with sub-section prizes for best U2000 and U1600. Time Control for all games was the CFC standard 90 + 30.

The open section was won by the only GM in the field: Alexander Cherniaev (RUS) with a perfect 9/9. This was the first time the Canadian Open has been won with a perfect score since Laszlo Witt did it in 1962. There was a huge 9-way tie for second with 6/9. Matthew He (U1600) finished clear first in the U1800 section with an undefeated 7.5/9.

With 43 players in Top section and 41 in the combined U1800/U1600 section, the turnout was obviously far below the numbers when the Open is held in Ontario or Quebec; and with only 1 GM, 0 IMs, and 3 FMs it was clearly weaker too. Whether that counts as a disappointment or not depends on what you value most. A smaller and weaker tournament is less prestigious, but with the population distribution and travel costs being what they are in Canada -- e.g. a flight from Toronto to Regina is more expensive than a flight to Vancouver -- events outside the Quebec City-Windsor corridor must be expected to attract fewer players.

On the other hand, the tournament could hardly deserve to be called the "Canadian" Open if it alternated between Ontario and Quebec with occasional trips to BC. Further, only a few years ago there were no CFC tournaments in Saskatchewan, and holding both the Canadian Open and CYCC in Regina is a good bet to kick-start chess there, and that should be good for Canadian chess. As Tom Boshoff, President of the Queen City Chess Club which hosted the events, said in a CBC interview, 

"a club our size should not be hosting events this big, it's a little audacious of us, but we really wanted to push the bar forward in Saskatchewan because, historically, there hasn't been a whole lot of chess here, and we wanted to change that, and I think this event will do just that."


  • Open: GM Alexander Cherniaev, 9/9
  • U2000: Mohamed Ehab, 5/9
  • U1800: Stephanie Gu, 7/9
  • U1600: Matthew He, 7.5/9



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