GOTW: Sambuev - K.Zhong, Ottawa 2019.

Our Canadian Game of the Week is the final round board 1 game between GM Bator Sambuev and his student Kevin Zhong at the 2019 Eastern Ontario Open.

From move 15 [the diagram doesn't appear due to some recent updates to drupal on this site], find the most Tal-like moves for White... and then do the calculations necessary to see which (if any) of those moves works.

The 2019 Eastern Ontario Open ran June 14-16 at the RA Centre in Ottawa. 

74 players competed. GM Bator Sambuev won the top section with a perfect 5/5. FM Olivier Kenta Chiku-Ratte was clear 2nd with 4/5 and Svitlana Demchenko and Kevin Zhong were =3rd with 3.5/5. 

Other Winners: 

  • U2200 (in Open): Jozsef Molnar 
  • U2050 (in Open): Michel Desjardins 
  • U1900: Amos Kuttner, Dan Kearnan and Alex Stopic (4/5) 
  • U1600: Paul St.Pierre, Rachel Wang, John Lukezich (4/5) 
  • U1350 (in U1600) Tristan Masters



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