2019 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame

The Canadian Chess Hall of Fame has inducted Charles Frederick Stubbs:

  • chess columinist at the Saint John Globe
  • chess problem composer
  • compiler of what may be the first Canadian chess book: Canadian Chess Problems, a collection of 206 mostly composed tactics problems published in 1890.

 Present at the awards ceremony were:

  • Fred McKim, organizer and Hall of Fame Committee member;
  • Bill Bogle, Saint John Chess Club President;
  • John Torrie, Saint John Chess Historian and Newsletter Editor;
  • and Charles Stubbs' great-granddaughter Dee Stubbs and her daughter Jade Lee, who recieved the award (see photos below).


The following 14 positions are from the book Canadian Chess Problems.

Unfortunately, the PGN parser supported by drupal on this site is very limited, and will not allow the positions to be shown without moves, which makes it an extra challenge to look at the diagrams without seeing the solutions....


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