GOTW: Noritsyn - Hambleton, 2019 Zonal

The 2019 Canadian Zonal & Sectionals ran April 18-22, 2019 at the Four Points Sheraton in Kingston, Ontario.

It was a 9 round Swiss in four sections: Zonal, U2200, U1900, and U1600. The top section attracted three GMs, three IMs, and six FMs. First place was won by GM Evgeny Bareev, who was playing his first Canadian Championship since moving to here in 2010. Bareev lost his first round game to Joshua Doknjas, then won his next seven before holding GM Aman Hambleton to a draw in the final round. Hambleton took second on tie-break (individual encounter) over IM Nikolay Noritsyn.

This was the first of a planned four-year series which will see Canadian Zonals (Open and Women's) played in Kingston during the Easter long weekend.




  1. GM Evgeny Bareev $2000 + entry to 2019 World Cup in Russia + $1000 travel subsidy
  2. GM Aman Hambleton $1000 + entry to 2019 American Continental in Brazil + $500 travel subsidy
  3. IM Nikolay Noritsyn $500
  4. IM Artiom Samsonkin $84
  5. FM Mark Plotkin $84
  6. IM Shiyam Thavandiran $84

Also, FM Mark Plotkin scored an IM norm!


  1. Ruoying Xu$1000 
  2. Bill Doubleday, $500 
  3. Daniel Xu, $125 
  4. Max England, $125 


  1. Sanjay Ramesh$1000 
  2. Michelle Hua, $188 
  3. Hal Bond, $188 
  4. Yiwei Dong, $188 
  5. Edward Xiao, $188 


  1. Gary Hua$1000 
  2. Arman Azroy, $500 
  3. Carl-William Bilodeau-Savaria, $250 

Eagle-eyed readers might notice that two fo the prize winners -- Gary Hua and Hal Bond -- are among the busiest of tournament organizers in Ontario. Was that the secret to their success? Try orgainizing some tournaments yourself and find out!


Thanks to:

  • The players: the players.
  • Organizer: Aris Marghetis (IA, IO, FL)
  • TD: Danny Goldenberg (IA, IO, FL)
  • Appeals Committe Head: Hal Bond  (IA, IO, FL)
  • Indispensable Assistance: Omar Shah
  • Anti-cheating monitor: Frank Dixon
  • Photographs: Victoria Jung-Doknjas
  • Data Wrangler: John Upper


Pairings and Results:

Live Games: DGT LiveChessCloud and chess24 showed the top 4 boards live


PGNs thanks to Hugh Brodie and team

Our Canadian Game of the Week is penultimate round board two pairing at the 2019 Canadian Zonal between IM Nikolay Noritsyn and GM Aman Hambleton, annotated by Aman...


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