DGT Discount Offer

The CFC received an excellent offer from DGT (Digital Game Technology) to make a purchase of Electronic Chess Sets and Clocks, for tournament use. They are promoting their new line of more affordable, plastic based e-equipment. 

 We are being offered these products at "developmental" prices, that are being offered to many FIDE countries. This is a one time offer. We have received permission to allow our partners to participate as well. It is important to note that you will have to agree that any products you purchase are not to be resold.  

 Our eligible partners are:  

  1. Provincial Associations 
  2. Chess clubs/organizations holding CFC Tournaments 
  3. Organizers holding CFC Tournaments 
  4. Organizers in the process of bidding for upcoming CFC events 

We have sent this notice to a preliminary list of eligible partners, but of course we fully anticipate that we have left a number of potentially eligible people off of the list. To become eligible contact Bob Gillanders at the CFC Office, Fred McKim, CFC Treasurer, or Vlad Drkulec, CFC President with your credentials and we’ll approve you within 24 hours. 

 E-mails for all of the above can be found at http://chess.ca/governors-page