2018 Olympaid: Rd4 Canadian Games

2018 Olympiad: Canadian Results and Games: Round 4:

After losing both round 3 matches, Canada was paired down and won both round 4 matches by large margins:

  • Canada 3.5 - Colombia (#58) 0 .5 
  • Canada w  4 - Syria w (#92) 0


  • Another absurdly smooth win by Nikolay as Black.
  • Bareev shows his class in a complex middlegame.
  • Despite the blowout score for the Canadian women, two of the games were in serious jeopardy, requiring major blunders by their opponents to turn them aound.
  • Nf5 is the winning move in three of the games (Bareev, Demchenko, and (could have been) vs MJO)
  • photo: Lali, Svitlana, Captain GM Gergely Szabo, Maili-Jade, Qiyu. Photo by Paul Truong.

Annotated games below. [edit - game player refuses to show Bareev or MJO games. No idea why...]


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