GOTW: Vettese - Samsonkin, Toronto 2018

Our Canadian Game of the Week comes from the 2018 Toronto Open, and features cowinner Nicholas Vettese beating IM Artiom Samsonkin in an endgame stemming from a rare line in the French...

The 2018 Toronto Open took place over the Labour Day weekend, September 1-3, at the Annex Chess Club. It was a 6-round Swiss in four sections and attracted 194 players.

Top seeds in the Crown section were IMs Nikolay Noritsyn and Artiom Samsonkin, but they both finished behind co-winning juniors Nicholas Vettese and Rohan Talukdar with 5/6. Nikolay was clear 3rd with 4.5/6 after losing to Hairan Liang in round 3 and being held to a draw in the final round by Nicholas. Special congratulations to Nicholas, who not only finished =1st, but with a 2641 TPR he gained 64 points to push his CFC rating over 2400 and which should top up his summer FIDE rating gain to over 100 points and near 2300!

Section Winners: (each with 5.5/6)

  • U2200 Nikhil Joshi 
  • U1800 Henry Liu 
  • U1400 Keith Denning 



  • Erik Malmsten for sending me the photo (which shows the top boards during the final round, with Vettese - Noritsyn closest, and Talukdar sitting next to Nikolay).
  • Organizer and TD Marcus Wilker and Alex Ferreira for sending me a photo of the game score.

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