2018 Quebec Open

The 2018 Québec Open was held July 21-28, 2018, at the Sandman Hotel in Longueuil, Québec, just across the river from Montréal.

It was a 9-round Swiss, with one round per day, except Sunday July 22 with rounds 2 and 3.

It had a prize fund of $15,000 and attracted 175 players in five sections, with Open section topped by six GMs: Romain Edouard (FRA), Victor Mikhalevski (ISR), Alexandre Le Siege (CAN), Bator Sambuev (CAN), Razvan Preotu (CAN), and Alexander Cherniaev (RUS).

GM Razvan Preotu (CAN) won with an undefeated 7.5/9, including wins over 2nd and 4th place GMs Edouard and Mikhalevski. GM Romain Edouard (FRA) was second with 7/9. GMs Bator Sambuev (CAN) recovered from a stretch of 0.5/3 to win his last four games to tie with GM Victor Mikhalevski (ISR) for =3rd-4th with 6.5.

Open Section Results: (via Chess-Results.com)

Rk.   Name FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd 8.Rd 9.Rd Pts. 
1 GM Preotu Razvan CAN  38w1  20b1   4w1   2w1   8b½   5b½   6w1   7b½  10w1 7.5
2 GM Edouard Romain FRA  34w1  39b1   7w1   1b0  10w1   8b½   5w1   4w½  11b1 7
3 GM Sambuev Bator CAN  48b1  21w1  40b0  20w0  25b½  36w1  26b1   8w1  15w1 6.5
4 GM Mikhalevski Victor ISR  25b1  29w1   1b0   6w½  36b1  11w1  20w1   2b½   5w½ 6.5
5 FM Chiku-Ratte Olivier-Kenta CAN  17b1   9w1   8b0  31w1  29b1   1w½   2b0  12w1   4b½ 6
6   Zhao Jim CAN  43b1   8w0  25b1   4b½  21w1  39w1   1b0  24b½  16w1 6
7 GM Cherniaev Alexander RUS  30b1  31w1   2b0  15w1  11b½  10b½  23w1   1w½   8b½ 6
8 GM Le Siege Alexandre CAN  16w1   6b1   5w1  40b½   1w½   2w½  13b1   3b0   7w½ 6
9   Malek Omid CAN  44w1   5b0  39w0  42b1  28b1  33w1  11b0  14w½  24w1 5.5
10 IM Kaufman Raymond USA  23w½  22b1  36b1  26w1   2b0   7w½  12b½  13w1   1b0 5.5
11 FM Voskanyan Vahagn CAN  32b1    -½  24w1  23b½   7w½   4b0   9w1  20b1   2w0 5.5
12   Bremner William CAN  18w½  23b0  35w1  19b½  44w1  22b1  10w½   5b0  21w1 5.5
13 NM Beaulieu Eric CAN  47w½    -½  30b½  32w1  26b1  24b1   8w0  10b0  23w1 5.5
14  NM Upper John CAN  24b0    -½  44w0  35b1  18w½  48w1  31b1   9b½  20w1 5.5
Section Winners
  • U2000: David Craciun 7/9
  • U1800: Victor Morin-Pare 8.5/9 
  • U1600: Jean-Guy Bergeron 7/9 
  • U1400: Martin Laroche 7.5/9


Other Winners

William Bremner was the big rating winner at the Quebec Open, where he earned 155 FIDE rating points! Add that to the 62 points he got in the U18 section at the CYCC  (where he tied for 1st), and the 91 points from the U2000 section at the Canadian Open (which he won with +7 =2 -0), and William finishes an awesome July in Quebec by earning a total of 307.8 FIDE Rating points!

FM GV Sai Krishna, Indian federation but playing out of Montreal, registered for only the first four rounds before he had to head out of town, but in those four games scored +3 =1 -0, including a win against GM Sambuev and a draw vs GM Le Siege. That score earned him 21 FIDE rating point so push his rating over 2400 and that combines with earlier IM Norms is enough for him to become an IM!


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