2018 Canadian Open Results

The 2018 Canadian Open was held July 7-14, in Quebec City. It was a 9-round Swiss in five sections, with 145 players competing.

The Open section was won by Bitan Banerjee and IM Raymond Kaufman (USA). Banerjee takes the title on first tie-break, having beaten Kaufman in round 5. GM Bator Sambuev and IM Kaiqi Yang tied for 3rd-4th, both losing to Banerjee. 

With the gain of rating points, Bitan goes way over 2400, and will become Canada's next IM!

Note: Bitan's FIDE affiliation is listed as India, but he lives in Alberta and plays there often. Suggestion: get FIDE to change his federation before the title is confirmed and FIDE's "paperwork fee" goes up. ;)

Special mention to CFC President Vlad Drkulec, who played nearly 200 points above his FIDE rating in the Open section.

Section winners:

    • U2000 William Bremner 8/9 (no losses)
    • U1800 Kevin Hong Li Yun 7/9 (no losses)
    • U1600 David Gauthier et Arnaud Pelletier 7/9
    • U1400 Jessica Qian 8/8 + BYE, for the only perfect score!



Final Crosstable from Open section

Rk. Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd 8.Rd 9.Rd Pts. 
1 Banerjee Bitan   31b1    -½  36w1   8b½   2w1   3b1   4w1  12b½   6w½ 7
2 Kaufman Raymond   22b1  47w1  13b0  33w1   1b0  35w1  19b1   8w1   3w1 7
3 Sambuev Bator  30b1  34w1  15b1  13w1   8b½   1w0   9b1  10w1   2b0 6.5
4 Yang Kaiqi    5w1  20b1    -½  21w1   9b½   8w½   1b0  15w1  16b1 6.5
5 Saha Ananda   4b0  49w1  25w0  37b1  26w0  52b1  46w1  38b1  18w1 6
6 Rodrigue-Lemieux Shawn  35b1  29w1   9b½  15w0  11b1  27w1  10b0  17w1   1b½ 6
7 Dukic Zachary   57w1  52b1   8w0  20b½  30w1   9w0  22b1  21w1  11b½ 6
8 Hebert Jean  39b1  27w1   7b1   1w½   3w½   4b½  12w½   2b0  14w1 6
9 Mulyar Michael   50w1  33b1   6w½  16b½   4w½   7b1   3w0  30b1  12w½ 6
10 Cherniaev Alexander   48w1  32b½  16w½  26b1  25w½  15b½   6w1   3b0  19w1 6
11 Itkin David   36w½  54b1  32w1  12b½   6w0  26b½  18w1  31b1   7w½ 6
12 Fedorowicz John   44b1  43w1  21b½  11w½  15b½  13w1   8b½   1w½   9b½ 6
13 Chiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta  58w1  18b1   2w1   3b0  16w1  12b0  31w½  14b0  26w1 5.5
14 Desbiens Raphael  43b0  31w½  23b1  30w-  36w1  28b1  27w1  13w1   8b0 5.5
15 Doknjas John   38w1  28b1   3w0   6b1  12w½  10w½  16b½   4b0  27w1 5.5
16 Tomb Maroun  42b1  46w1  10b½   9w½  13b0  33w1  15w½  25b1   4w0 5.5
17 Zhao Jim   45w0  38b½  40w1  36b1  18w½  32b1  25w½   6b0  30w1 5.5
18 Callier Christophe   56b1  13w0  19b½  46w1  17b½  21w1  11b0  35w1   5b0 5
19 Cui Cynthia   34b0  44w1  18w½  28b1  43w1  25b½   2w0  39b1  10b0 5
20 Manley Jason   49b1   4w0  29b1   7w½  27b0  24w½  39b0  33w1  35b1 5
21 Ouellet Maili-Jade  24w1  45b1  12w½   4b0  32w½  18b0  44w1   7b0  39w1 5
22 Acosta Mariano    2w0  26b0  53w1  40b½  37w1  42b1   7w0  28b1  25w½ 5
23 Forget Luc    -½  36b0  14w0  57b1  46w0  37b1  42w1  41b½  31w1 5
24 Drkulec Vladimir   21b0  59w+  51w½  32b0  40w1  20b½  36w0  46b1  34w1 5
25 Doknjas Joshua   29b0  41w1   5b1  34w1  10b½  19w½  17b½  16w0  22b½ 5
26 Tanaka Tyler  47b0  22w1  48b1  10w0   5b1  11w½  30b0  29w1  13b0 4.5
27 Gaisinsky Adam   55w1   8b0  52w1  54b½  20w1   6b0  14b0  40w1  15b0 4.5
28 Zhu Brandon   40b1  15w0  46b½  19w0  29b1  14w0  45b1  22w0  44b1 4.5
29 Lehingrat Callum   25w1   6b0  20w0  56b1  28w0  51b½  47w1  26b0  43b1 4.5
30 Zhao Ian    3w0  57b1  37w½  14b+   7b0  45b1  26w1   9w0  17b0 4.5
31 Malakhovets Sergey    1w0  14b½  38w1  51b½  34b1  43w1  13b½  11w0  23b0 4.5
32 Zhang Henry   53b1  10w½  11b0  24w1  21b½  17w0  35b0  44w½  45b1 4.5
33 Richardson Kai   37w1   9w0  47b1   2b0  54w1  16b0  38w0  20b0  50b1 4
34 Drolet Stephane  19w1   3b0  45w1  25b0  31w0  38b0  52w1  36b1  24b0 4
35 Doknjas Neil    6w0  40b0  49w1  52b1  51w1   2b0  32w1  18b0  20w0 4
36 Li Eric M   11b½  23w1   1b0  17w0  14b0  55w1  24b1  34w0  40b½ 4
37 Garneau Benoit  33b0  39w1  30b½   5w0  22b0  23w0  48b1  50w½  47b1 4
38 James Rowan   15b0  17w½  31b0  47w½  53b1  34w1  33b1   5w0 0 4
39 Saine Zachary   8w0  37b0  57w1  42b½  47w1  46b½  20w1  19w0  21b0 4
40 Sauve Richard  28w0  35w1  17b0  22w½  24b0  56b1  51w1  27b0  36w½ 4
41 Bernatchez Dan   54w½  25b0  50w-  55w0  49b1  48w1  43b1  23w½ 0 4
42 Mercure Gilbert   16w0  51b0  44b1  39w½  48b1  22w0  23b0  43w0  53b1 3.5
43 Pare Marc   14w1  12b0    -½  50w1  19b0  31b0  41w0  42b1  29w0 3.5
44 Boshoff Thomas   12w0  19b0  42w0  49b1  56w1  54b+  21b0  32b½  28w0 3.5
45 Hay Jonathan   17b1  21w0  34b0  48w½  50b1  30w0  28w0  51b1  32w0 3.5
46 Chang Alexander R.Z.  51w1  16b0  28w½  18b0  23b1  39w½   5b0  24w0 0 3
47 Chevalier Francois   26w1   2b0  33w0  38b½  39b0  50w1  29b0  49w½  37w0 3
48 Auger Bertrand   10b0  53w1  26w0  45b½  42w0  41b0  37w0  52b½  56w+ 3
49 Dube Daniel   20w0   5b0  35b0  44w0  41w0  53b1  56w1  47b½  51w½ 3
50 Leger Manon    9b0  56w½  41b+  43b0  45w0  47b0  53w1  37b½  33w0 3
51 Bouton Christophe   46b0  42w1  24b½  31w½  35b0  29w½  40b0  45w0  49b½ 3
52 Tinica Gabriel  59b+   7w0  27b0  35w0  55b1   5w0  34b0  48w½ 0 2.5
53 Dhaliwal Jatinder   32w0  48b0  22b0 -1  38w0  49w0  50b0  56b1  42w0 2
54 Tremblay Rejean  41b½  11w0  55b1  27w½  33b0  44w- 0 0 0 2
55 Jean Martin   27b0    -½  54w0  41b1  52w0  36b0 0 0 0 1.5
56 Hebert Andre Jr   18w0  50b½    -½  29w0  44b0  40w0  49b0  53w0  48b- 1
57 Bluteau Yvon    7b0  30w0  39b0  23w0 -1 0 0 0 0 1
58 Abbas Talal   13b0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
59 Durette Francis   52w-  24b- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0





photos (via FQE facebook)

photo above by Victoria Jung-Doknjas: Bitan Banerjee at the 2018 Canadian Open in Quebec City