BOTW (not!): 2018.05.18

Not the Best of the Web features two competitions which ought to create some buzz, but bad internet presence makes them both evidence for the prosecution... 

53rd Capablanca Memorial

May 9-19, 2018.
Havana, Cuba

The Elite tournament is a six-player double round robin. After 8 of 12 rounds the field, with the exception of the tail-ender, is in precise order of rating:

  1. Samuel Shankland: (2701) 6
  2. Aleksey Dreev: (2653) 5
  3. David Anton Guijarro: (2646) 4.5
  4. Aleksandr Rakhmanov: (2635) 3
  5. Yusnel Alonso Bacallao: (2594) 3
  6. Lazaro Bruzon: (2664) 2.5

Three Canadians are playing in the "Abierto" (Open) section:

  • GM Bator Sambuev: lost his first two games but has rolled back to 6/8.
  • IM Thanh Nha Duong: 4/8
  • Halldor Palsson: 2/8.

Unfortunately, Cuban internet is unreliable at best, and this makes it almost impossible to use the official site. Games can be followed elsewhere.


Live Games


Women's World Championship Match

May 3-19, 2018.
Shanghai & Chongqing, China

The Women's World Championship is now contested annually, alternating between a knock-out tournament and a match between the knock-out winner and a Grand Prix-style qualifier. Current Champion Tan Zhongyi, who won the title at the 2017 Women's World Cup knock-out in Tehran, defends her title in a 10 game match against World #2 Ju Wenjun, who won the 2016-17 Grand Prix. After 9 games, Ju leads 5:4. The final round is May 18, with Tan needing to win with the Black pieces to force a playoff.


  1. World #1 Hou Yifan refused to play in the women's Championship cycle due to the unpredictably changing schedule.
  2. The original website for the event was 100% Chinese. 


Live Games (3am EST)