Best of the Web: Week 9

Hi everyone!

Let's kick-off this week's batch of suggestions with this funny video showing IM Greg Shahade blundering and losing to an ecstatic and somewhat cocky 10-year old boy. For those of you who haven't succeeded in beating an IM yet, take heart, it might happen if you're lucky enough!

Félix would like to bring your attention to the World Cup Pairings that were released earlier this week. Two Canadian GMs will be competing: Eric Hansen and Bator Sambuev. Hansen will be facing Malakhov in round 1, while Sambuev will be playing Morozevich. Good luck to both of them!

John Upper has a semi-professional interest in Canadian chess, but he is always surprised when he meets a Canadian chess player who doesn't use Hugh Brodie's excellent CanBase database. It's the best source for Canadian chess games, and it was just updated July 9. Get it!

John also has more-than-a-passing interest in the 2013 CYCC (he runs the website); but with 271 young chess players coming to Ottawa to compete for the National Championship, everyone should be able to find someone to root for. You can follow the pairings and standings on the CYCC website: CYCC. You will also find other updates posted by Félix in the "Tournaments" tab of the newsfeed.

Finally, here's an xkcd comic about chess and roller-coasters! For those of you who don't know about xkcd, it's a hilarious website self-described as "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language". Not much to do with chess, but well worth your time if you have an interest in physics, maths, engineering, or science in general. On a related topic, you can find lots of pictures of people playing chess on roller-coasters here.


 See you next week!