Chess Canada: June issue online here

The CFC Executive approved making the June Chess Canada Newsletter available to everyone. And here it is....

Since the E.D. is currently very busy dealing with CFC ratings-database issues, they've let me post it on the Newsfeed.

This is the whole Newsletter... minus the PGN, which will either appear here later or (my preference) be emailed to CFC members like normal. 

Since we want to see how often it's downloaded, I have to be an ogre and threaten everyone:

If we find a direct link to the PDF anywhere, we'll take it down and you'll just have to wait to get it via email.

I've already created two threads on ChessTalk for responses: one for "I don't like it because..." the other for "It's not so bad because..."
If you have comments, please post them there.

So where's the link to the PDF? It's invisible [edited] orange -- I wanted you to read this before you clicked. To find the link, just move your cursor to the right of the very last word of this post, or highlight the entire page via Ctrl-A and you'll see it.

I hope you like it. here it is