Upcoming Events: 2019.07-08

19 Events -- including the CYCC and Canadian Open and the Junior and Senior Championships -- in Ju

2019 CYCC Results

The 2019 CYCC ran July 6-10 in Regina. It attracted 186 players who competed for the Canadian championships in 12 sections ranging from under 8 to under 18. Full results.

GOTW: Talukdar - Barbosa, Philadelphia 2019

Our Canadian Game of the Week is FM Rohan Talukdar's fascinating 4th round game against Philippino GM Olivier Barbosa. They follow theory for 20 moves in a Caro-Kann when Rohan sacs a Bishop for two pawns. Black doesn't defend the best way, and the game goes to a RRB7 v RBBN5 ending... when Rohan sacs an exchange!

GOTW: Sambuev - K.Zhong, Ottawa 2019.

Our Canadian Game of the Week is the final round board 1 game between GM Bator Sambuev and his student Kevin Zhong at the 2019 Eastern Ontario Open. This one has a seriously deep sac...

Canadians at 2019 SPFGI

The 16th SPFGI runs June 22-27, 2019. Nine Canadians are playing...

1956 Canadian Open trophy on eBay

An eBay sale of trophies from the estate of the late GM William Lombardy includes his second-place trophy from the first ever Canadian Open...


GOTW: Noritsyn - Samsonkin, 2019 Zonal

Our Canadian Game of the Week is the round 6 board 1 pairing between IM Nikolay Noritsyn and IM Artiom Samsonkin at the 2019 Canadian Zonal.
As shown in the diagram, White had the opportunity to play Bxh5. Would that be a good move? What should Black do?

BOTW: Fast, Faster, Fastest...?

This week's Best of the Web features three of the fastest versions of 21st century chess: a Rapid and Blitz round-robin featuring several of the world's best, and the online competition to be the world's fastest Puzzle Rusher...

2019 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame

The Canadian Chess Hall of Fame has inducted Charles Frederick Stubbs. Report, photos, and 14 problems from his 1890 book "Canadian Chess Problems"...

Upcoming Events: 2019.05-06

30 events across Canada in May and June...



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