Upcoming Events: 2020.04-05

As much a list of cancelled Canadian chess events as events that are not yet cancelled.
But there is one online tournament which meets the recommended 6-foot safety distance...!

2020 Canadian Majors

It may be a cold and dark winter, but that doesn't mean you can't start planning for warmer days, and hotter events...
... but not in Trois-Rivières and Kingston which have both been cancelled...

GOTW: Atanasov online

With culture moving indoors, online chess thrives at at safe 6 foot separation. Our Canadian Game(s) of the Week are from Canada's top chess streaming team, and feature our 12-year-old FM Anthony Atanasov. Don't let the eyes fool you: he is ALWAYS looking at your king.

Upcoming Events: 2020.03-04

35 chess events in March and April... and.. subtracting....
With CoV19 cancellations, check with your organizers to be sure.

Canada's Next IM: Mark Plotkin!

FM Mark Plotkin earns third IM Norm in Oakville!

2020 Oakville IM Norm Invitational

Oakville IM Norm Invitational
February 19-23, 2020 in Oakville, ON.

A 10-player RR with the chance for IM Norms. Organized by Elevate My Chess.


BOTW: 2020.02.07

The latest and greatest free chess engines, Magnus aces an endgame test, and an online bullet match between two Canadian women's Olympiad teammates are this week's Best of the Web...

Upcoming Events: 2020.02-03

With 39 chess events in February and March, some difficult choices will have to be made...

Canadians at Gibraltar 2020

Which is more impressive: and IM Norm, or a perfect score and TPR of 2900+?
Luckily, Canadian chess fans don't have to choose...

GOTW: Ajith - Papneja, Ont.Jr, 2020

Arul Papneja scored 4.5/5 to claim the title of 2020 Ontario Junior Champion. His second-round win over second-place finisher Aayush Ajith is our Canadian Game of the Week.
From the diagram: should White play Na4 to control the c-file, or centralize with Rfd1 and Bb2, Rac1?


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