International News Today - Dec 4, 2011

A busy weekend, and I've missed the 1st two rounds of the London Classic. Right now Carlsen, Nakamura, and Kramnik are all tied for 1st at +1. With 3 point scoring and everyone in the 9 player round-robin receiving a bye it might be troublesome keeping track of 1st, but we'll try.

Tomorrow's game is 9am ET and can be followed on any of the usual live feeds. Tuesday's game is at 11am and Wednesday is the rest day.

The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Dec. 2 - 8/11 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post - Dec. 8/11 – National Capital Open.

Starts tomorrow! Dec. 9-11;

Where: RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa – Fri/Sat: West Wing, Bytown B; Sun.: East Wing, Courtside B;

Rds: 5 ( Friday @ 730pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 10am & 3pm );

Sections: 4 ( CFC & FIDE – Masters; U 2200; CFC-only – U 1900; U 1600 );

International News Today - Dec 8, 2011

Round 5 in London just finished........ as I said before, it's going to be tough to keep track of the leaders. Right now Carlsen, Kramnik, Nakamura, and McShane are all +2, however based on 3 point scoring, Nakamura has 10/15, Carlsen 9/15 due to a different combination of wins, draws and losses. Kramnik and McShane have had the bye and have 8/12, so would have to win their game in hand just to equal Carlsen.

So the big games tomorrow are McShane - Nakamura and Anand - Kramnik. Carlsen has the bye.



The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Dec. 9 - 15/11 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – Dec. 15/11 – Hart House Open, Toronto.

Starts tomorrow! December 16, 17, 18 (Fri, Sat, Sun);
Place: Debates & Music Rooms, 2nd Floor, Hart House, University of Toronto
7 Hart House Circle, Toronto;

International News Today - Dec 13, 2011

Vlad Kramnik put on an impressive drive winning rounds 7 and 8 at the London Classic, ensuring that a draw in his final game with white would give him the title (on tie-break). As it turns out he won outright as Magnus Carlsen wasn’t able to win his final game to earn a share of the top. Nakamura won his final game to leapfrog Carlsen and McShane and took home 2nd place prize.

Final scores.
Kramnik (RUS) - 16
Nakamura (USA) - 15
Carlsen (NOR) - 14
McShane (ENG) - 13

All scores are out of a possible of 24 (8 games x 3 points for a win).

The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Dec. 16 - 22/11 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – Dec. 18/11 – Hart House Open Result.

December 16, 17, 18 (Fri, Sat, Sun);
Place: Debates & Music Rooms/Great Hall, Hart House, University of
Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto;
Style: 5 round Swiss in 4 sections: Open (FIDE Rated), U2200, U1900 & U1600;
Turnout: 135 players;
Open Section Winners: 1st – 4.5/5 pts. – GM Bator Sambuev ( 2693 )

International News Today - Dec 21, 2011

The Sports Accord Mindgames finished up last week with the Blindfold competition.


Gold - Zoltan Almasi (HUN)
Silver - Maxime Vachier Lagrave (FRA)
Bronze - Vugar Gashimov (AZE)


Gold - Hou Yifan (CHN)
Silver - Viktoria Cmilyte (LTU)
Bronze - Alexandra Kosteniuk (RUS)

The same set of events will be going in Beijing, again next year.

The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Dec. 23 - 29/11 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – Dec. 29/11 – 2012 Winter Governors’ On-line Meeting & Happy New Year!

International News Today - Dec 27, 2011

The Women's World Team Championship finished earlier today in Turkey. The Chinese team was steamrolling through the field, before losing to Ukraine in rd 8. They came back to win their final match to finish with 16/18, 3 points ahead of the Russian team. Georgia took third with 12. Finishing with performance ratings over 2600 were Humpy Koneru (IND), Hou Yifan (CHN), and Nana Dzagnidze (GEO).

International News Today - Dec 29, 2011

After 3 rounds at the Reggio Emelia Super Tournament in Northern Italy, Alexander Morozevich reatins the lead with 7 points (3 point system).  Vassily Ivanchuk won today to move into a tie for 2nd with Hikaru Nakamura, both having 5 points. Also playing are Anish Giri and Nikita Vatiugov (2), and Fabiano Caruana (1).

Tomorrow is the last round at the Groningen Chess Festival. Tied for 1st are American Robert Hess and Ukranian Alexander Kovchan. Kovchan is black against fellow countryman Yaroslav Zerebukh, while Hess is black against Hungarian Robert Ruck.