International News Today - Sept 20, 2011

It's becoming obvious that a daily update has proven sufficiently taxing, but I will continue with this thread, and try to get back on track.Peter Svidler has followed up his recent win in the Russian Super-Final with a victory in the World Cup of Chess. He defeated fellow Russian GM, Alexander Grischuk, by a score of 2.5-1.5. Both players qualify for the 2012 Candidates Tournament, along with Vassily Ivanchuk who captured 3rd place, by defeating Ruslan Ponomariov 2.5-1.5 in the consolation match.

International News Today - September 29, 2011

Three of the 10 rounds at the Grand Slam Masters are complete. With the first half taking place in Brazil, it's possible for those of us in North America to actually watch the games in the evening. This may rank as the highest rated 6 player tournament on record.

The surprise leader is Vassily Ivanchuk, who seems to be continuing his good form from the World Cup, with 2 wins and a draw he has a score of 7 points.

International News Today - Oct 4, 2011

We’re at the half in the Grand Slam Masters. Vassily Ivanchuk took a bit of a fall back to earth in the final game of the 1st half as Magnus Carlsen won a nice game with the French Defence (a bit of a rarity for him). Totals after 5 rounds are Ivanchuk 10 (3-1-1), Nakamura 7 (1-0-4), Aronian, Anand, Carlsen 6, and Vallejo-Pons 3. Play resumes in Bilbao on Thursday.St Petersburg, ranked 4th at the outset, won the European World Cup which ended on Sunday. This is another victory for Peter Svidler who held down 1st board, although he probably isn’t personally happy with his 50% score.

International News Today - Oct 12, 2011

A spectacular ending in Bilbao, in the final leg of the Grand Slam Final. Vassily Ivanchuk's insurmountable lead after round 6, was surmounted as Magnus Carlsen scored 8 points in his final 4 games, while Ivanchuk scored only 2 points. This set up a two game blitz match for the title, which Carlsen took 1.5-0.5. Anand, Aronian, and Nakamura all tied for 3rd place.At the Saratov (RUS) Governor's Cup RR, Alexei Morozevich is continuing his return to form with a score of 5.5/6. He is followed by Peter Leko with 4.

International News Today - Oct 17, 2011

Kevin Spraggett is playing in a nine player RR - "Magistat Ciutat de Barcelona". He was ranked 5th at the onset. Not a bad little field with the top names being Yasser Seirawan  and Ilia Smirin. Kevin won his game yesterday and moves into a tie for 1st with Yasser, both with +2 scores. They play what could be a key game in the pentultimate round.

International News Today - Oct 18, 2011

In Barcelona, Kevin Spraggett appeared to falter in time trouble and lost to Oscar de la Riva, after playing a sparkling Sicilian. He's tied with Yasser Seirawan, who got blown up yesterday by Ilia Smirin, with +1 scores (3 games remaining). Also with +1 scores are de la Riva and Smirin (but only 2 games left). Kevin is white today against Smirin.Vlad Kramnik is storming through the mini DRR Unive tournament with a 2-0 score (vs Giri and J.Polgar).

International News Today - October 20, 2011

It's the final day at Barcelona. Kevin Spraggett remains tied for 1st with Yasser Seirawan and now Ivan Selgado. They all have 4.5/7 and have different opponents today, so it'll be an exciting finish.Alexander Morozevich completed the Saratov Governor's Cup with a final score of 8.5/11 (+6!).

International News Today - Oct 24, 2011

At Barcelona, Yasser Seirawan and Ivan Salgado both won their final round games to finish 1/2 pt ahead of Kevin Spraggett, who manouvered for 70 + moves before agreeing to a draw in his final game. A good showing by Kevin.

With the Women's Grand Prix event long since sewn up Zhao Xue lost her final game to second place finisher Ju Wenjun. Her final score was still an amazing 9.5/11 - she was a semi-finalist in last years Women's World Championship.

International News Today - Oct 26, 2011

The Spice Cup has probably become the top annual round-robin event in North America. This tournament, sponsored by Susan Polgar has grown just about every year since it's introduction. This year's event has two 2700+ players: Lenier Dominguez Perez (CUB) and Le Quang Liam (VIE). They did not disappoint and met in the final round battle for first. With the three point scoring in use, Le defeated Dominguez to take 1st place with 17 points to 15 points. Georg Meier (GER) also finished with 15.

International News Today - Nov 7, 2011

The European Team Championship is in full progress in Greece. Yesterday’s games brought some huge upsets as Germany defeated Ukraine, while Bulgaria defeated Russia. After 4 rounds of play there is a 5 way tie for 1st with 7/8 points. Azerbaijan (3), France (6), Bulgaria (7), Germany (10) and Spain (13) all have 7. Incredibly Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia are all two full points behind. Today’s top pairings are AZE-FRA, GER-BUL, and ESP-GRE (who have 6 points).