2010 Chess Olympiad

Khanty Mansiysk, Russia - 2010/09/21 - 2010/10/03

2010 World Youth Championship

This is the Canadian team blog from the 2010 World Youth Championship in Greece.

May 16 2011

An exciting day at the Candidates as both matches were still deadlocked after the 4 rapid games so it went to the exciting blitz matches. Gelfand and Grischuk both won the first games with black, and Kamsky and Kramnik both tried unorthodox openings with black and things went downhill from there for them. The finals (Gelfand vs Grischuk) start on Thursday.

May 19 2011

I have just enough time to post from my hotel lobby this evening. Won't be home til nearly midnight tomorrow, so I'll probably be back on, Saturday.

Grischuk changed up his "apparent" strategy of playing simple drawish positions with white, as today he had a really dynamic game and had serious winning chances against Gelfand, who managed to hold him back, when Grischuk got into severe time trouble. Game 2 tomorrow, 7am EDT.

May 22 2011

A short draw in game 3 yesterday as Gelfand played a novelty to equalize by move 14 after Grischuk's seldom played fianchetto in QGD. Today was a rest day.

I took my eye off the action in Havana for a couple of day's and when I came back Vassily Ivanchuk had worked his way back with into a tie for first, by winning his last two games, with Le Quang Liem. They scored 6.5/10. Meanwhile Mark Bluvshtein finished tied for 1st in the premiere group with Emilio Cordovo (PER). Both scored 6 /9.

May 24-25 2011

Candidates Matches:

Game 5: Draw. Last game of regulation goes tomorrow, 7am EDT.
Game 6: Gelfand wins with the White pieces in a Grunfeld. The game was very interesting all the way along, with Grischuk seeming to completely fall apart in time pressure, although the play was way over my head, so it might be that he just wasn't able to come up with moves to stay in the game at that point.
So it's all over. Check back next spring for Anand-Gelfand - Best of 12.

Canadian Open News - July 13, 2011

After 4 rounds of play at the Canadian Open, the sole perfect score belongs to Eugene Perelshteyn (USA). He defeated Mark Bluvshtein in one of last night's marquis match-ups.

There is a 13 way tie for 2nd - all with 3.5. Canadians include Sambuev, Gerzhoy, Samsonkin, Hebert, Cummings, and Thavandiran.