CFC Ratings Update - Week of Oct 3, 2011

The CFC Ratings were updated last night with events from the past week or so.The weekend saw tournaments in different part of the country take place.Canadian Champion GM Bator Sambuev scored a perfect 5-0 in the Ottawa Autumn Open, NM Vlad Drkulec scored 4-0 in the Windsor Fall Pro-Am, billed as the 1st weekend tournament in Widsor since the 80's, and Itohan Gold won the Calgary Fall Open with a 4-0 score.   

CFC Rating Update - Week of Oct 17, 2011

The new ratings were posted today. These were ready on Wed, but some technical difficulties accessing the web site prevented Gerry from posting them until today.The Oktoberfest  Active (held in Kitchener-Waterloo, I presume) looks to have been the event of the week with Steve Demmery taking first over a tough field, with at least three masters finishing behind him.I didn't get last weeks's summary posted, but will do that now. WIM Natalia Khougarian won the Canadian Women's Closed, with IM Nikolay Noritsyn winning the Toronto Thanksgiving tournament at the same location.

CFC Rating Update - Week of Oct 24, 2011

Ratings and crosstables were posted this afternoon, about 2pm ET. Now that's smooth, Gerry.