James Narraway


2000 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame

1918 Winner 5th North American Correspondence Chess Championship

1903 First place, Pillsbury National Correspondence Chess Association Masters' Tournament

Three times Canadian Champion (1893,1897, 1898)

1891 Third place, Globe Correspondence Tournament No. 2

Tied for first place, Canadian Championship 1888 (scoring 4/5, awarded 3rd place after play-off), 1889

1886-8 First place, Globe Correspondence Tournament No. 1

1880-2 3rd place, Hamilton Chess Club Correspondence Tournament

Worked in Civil Service, Department of Justice, Government of Canada 45 years (1887-1932); Chief Accountant, Registrar

1887 Manager, Bank of Nova Scotia, Moncton and Cambellton, New Brunswick

Paleontologist; two discoveries on banks of Ottawa River accepted by Royal Ontario Museum and British Museum

1874 B.A., University of New Brunswick

Stebbings - James E. Narraway, Saint John, New Brunswick, 1893

This game won a brilliancy prize:
D.J. McKinnon - James E. Narraway, Canadian Championship, Orillia, Ontario, 1897

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