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Membership Statistics
Annual Membership Rates
Benefits of Membership 

Membership Statistics

How many members are there?

To see how many members we have and where they live click here

Annual Membership Rates

Contact the CFC to obtain your membership (pay by credit card, paypal or cheque).

Rates, as outlined in the table below, reflect the inclusion of respective provincial dues and applicable taxes.

Pay at the CFC store

The Chess Federation of Canada
PO Box 85015, Brant Plaza, Burlington, Ontario L7R 4K3
T: 289 - 337 - 0561

British Columbia3825
New Brunswick4630
Nova Scotia4831
Prince Edward Island4127
Newfoundland & Labrador4429
NWT, Yukon, Nunavut3825
USA, Foreign3624
CFC – federal portion (pre GST/HST, any Provincial Dues)3624

* Family memberships: 

Family member (same residence) of adult member = 50% of applicable rate (Manitoba, adult $18/ junior $10). Must be purchased at same time.

* Life memberships:

under 31 years of age = $720

31 to 40 years of age = $630

41 to 50 years of age - $540

51 to 60 years of age = $450

61 years of age or over = $360

CFC Life members may still be required to pay provincial dues.

* Non-member tournament fees (taxes included):

 Resident of AB = Adult $ 21, Junior $ 11.

 Resident of SK, MB, ON, NB, NS, NL = Adult $ 20, Junior $ 10. 

 Resident of BC, PE, NT, NV, YK, USA, Foreign = Adult $16, Junior $8.

 Tournament fees for Quick chess are $8 less for adult and $4 less for junior.

Benefits of Membership

What benefits do I get as a member of the C.F.C.?

When you become a member of the CFC, you join a fraternity of chess players, enthusiasts, teachers, and organizers from across Canada devoted to promoting chess. The CFC represents Canada to the world as a member of FIDE, the international chess body. The CFC sends teams to the Chess Olympiad, World Youth Chess Championship, and other major international events. The CFC holds national championships (including the Canadian Open, Canadian Youth Chess Championship, Canadian Closed, Canadian Women’s Championship) to showcase Canadian talent. The CFC website keeps players informed on is what happening including tournament listings, tournament reports and news items, listings of local chess clubs, and so much more. Your membership dues support all these activities to help ensure chess prospers in Canada. As a member, you are welcomed at CFC events across Canada, including national tournaments, weekend swisses, and local club tournaments. 

What if I’m not a very good player?

Don’t worry. There are players of all strengths in the C.F.C. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to improve your chess by just keeping in close contact with those who play.

Other benefits of membership include: 

A national CFC chess rating, and a subscription to 
the Canadian Chess News, an electronic newsletter, 

NOTE: Effective Fall 2008; Membership Cards & renewal stickers are no longer issued