Frank Marshall


Born USA

Lived in Montreal, Quebec from ages 8-19, where he learned to play chess

Defeated U.S. Champion Harry Pillsbury, who was giving a blindfold simultaneous exhibition in Montreal, 1893

Won Montreal Club Championship 1894

Played Canadian Championship 1894

U.S. Champion 1909-36

Harry Pillsbury - Frank Marshall

Blindfold simultaneous exhibition by Pillsbury, Montreal, Quebec, 1893

Frank Marshall - Robert Short

Montreal Club Championship, Montreal, Quebec, 1894

Marshall's three most famous games,

including his introduction of the Marshall Gambit in the Ruy Lopez opening:

Frank Marshall - Amos Burn

Paris, France, 1900

This game contains what Marshall described as 'the most elegant move I have ever played!', 

giving his last move a '!!!' in his annotations:

Stepan Lewitzky - Frank Marshall

Breslau, Poland, 1912

Jose Capablanca - Frank Marshall

New York, NY, USA, 1918


Source: Marshall's Best Games of Chess (My Fifty Years of Chess) by Frank Marshall, 1942

Copyright 2011. David Cohen.

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