Nicholas M. MacLeod


Western Chess Association, 1901, family of Nicholas MacLeod

2000 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame

Two times Canadian Champion (1886, 1888)

1886 Youngest ever Canadian Champion, just past 16th birthday

=1st in Canadian Championship 1887

1889 Played in the New York tournament, held to select a challenger to World Champion Wilhelm Steinitz; set a record for most losses in one tournament, 31

1892 Only player to beat future World Champion Emanuel Lasker in a simultaneous exhibition given by Lasker, Quebec City, QC

Moved to Minnesota in 1896, and then ca. 1903 moved to Spokane, Washington

1901 Won the 2nd Western Chess Association Tournament (1st Western Open, later called U.S. Open) at Excelsior, Minnesota with 13/15

1900 Defeated Harry Pillsbury in blindfold simultaneous exhibition given by Pillsbury in Minneapolis, Minnesota

1899 Minnesota Champion

Invented the MacLeod Defence

Nicholas MacLeod - J.W. Baird

New York, NY, USA 1889, Round 21


Contributors: Michael Dougherty, Stephen Wright.


Research note: There were several players named MacLeod, and the record of who accomplished what is not always clear. 

N.M. MacLeod is sometimes incorrectly referred to as 'N.W. MacLeod'. This is probably a mix up of Nicholas MacLeod and William MacLeod. 

Both players were born in Quebec City, Quebec; both moved to Minnesota, USA.

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