David Lavin

2009 Toronto Open Championship. Copyright 2009 by the photographer David Cohen

International Arbiter (1985)

Agent, The Lavin Agency

Represented Canada at World Youth Team Championship (1978, 1981)

Here is David Lavin's choice for his best game, as well as a memorable game from the 1970s featuring a 10 move combination starting with 13. e5; and another memorable game which was the only decisive game against Cuba, thereby helping Canada gain a place in the Finals:

David Lavin - Lawrence Day

Toronto Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 1978

David Lavin - Ian Findlay

Toronto Closed Championship, Reserves Section, Toronto, Ontario

David Lavin - Reynaldo Vera

World Youth Team Championship, Mexico City, Mexico, Canada - Cuba, Board

3, Preliminaries Round 3, 1978

Copyright 2011. David Cohen.

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