Chess Foundation of Canada
Kalev Pugi Fund

December 31, 2012

The Late Kalev Pugi of Kingston, Ontario, made a bequest to the Chess Federation of Canada [CFC] in the amount of $ 10,000.00. This generous gift established the above-named Fund, and following the general notification to the Members of the CFC, others made contributions to the fund, such that its Capital is now $ 20,503.70 [April, 2009].

The Income from the Investment of the Fund is to be used towards assisting Canadian Chess players under the age of eighteen with the travel costs associated with Chess competition and tournament participation. The ultimate purpose being to increase their Chess skills and education.

The Committee empowered to advise the CFC on the specifics of the correct management of the Fund, made recommendations which form the basis of the present guidelines:

1. For the purpose of the Fund, "travel" shall include accommodation during a competition or tournament.

2. It was understood that there was no specific or implied obligation to expend all the Income during the year.

3. It was understood that the CFC's obligation to provide funds for participation in World Junior events should not be alleviated by accessing the Fund Income.

In 1999, the Trustees of the Fund began a review of the guidelines, and made the following changes and/or additions:

4. The Fund shall only provide support for FIDE-rated  international events.

5. There shall be no deadlines imposed on a travel support application to the Trustees. There is no limit on the number of applications that may be submitted on behalf of a qualified player.

6. Late scheduling, by an organizer, of a competition and/or tournament shall in no way jeopardize any travel support application to the Trustees.

7. Each travel support application shall be evaluated upon its own merits. No single applicant shall receive any benefit in the process beyond the order in which said application is received.

8. The Trustees, in order to ensure that they receive support applications from as wide a range of boys and girls as possible, will, in general, make awards in the approximate amount of $300.00 - $400.00.

9. All the Trustees participated in the preparation of these guidelines, and attempted to make them clear and concise.

10. Any application for travel support shall be submitted to the CFC Business Office, with all relevant information then in the possession of the applicant player.

11. The Trustees shall not be obliged to disclose to the CFC members, any information that led to any of their decisions.

12. The most recent awards by the Trustees are as follows:

Eric Lawson [Quebec]   October, 2003   $300.00
Thomas Roussel-Roozmon [Quebec] October, 2003   $500.00
Sebastian Predescu [Ontario] November, 2003   $300.00
Mark Bluvshtein [Ontario] March, 2004   $500.00
Thomas Roussel-Roozmon  9-Jun-05   $500.00 
Alexandra Botez   22-Apr-08   $500.00 
Bindi Cheng   28-May-08  $500.00 
Nikolay Noritsyn   10-Nov-08   $500.00 
Yuanling Yuan   10-Nov-08   $500.00 
Hazel Smith   10-Nov-08   $500.00 
Eric Hansen   30-Apr-09   $500.00 
Alexander Martchenko   Jun-09   $500.00
Shiyam Thavandiran   10-Aug-09   $500.00
Yuanling Yuan   Jun-10   $500.00
Liza Orlova   Jun-10   $500.00
Dalia Kagramanov   Jun-10   $500.00
Nikolay Noritsyn   Jun-10   $500.00
Jackie Peng   27-Jul-10   $200.00
Eric Hansen   Jul-12   $400.00
Jackie Peng   Jul-12   $400.00
Lisa Orlova   Jul-12   $400.00
Alexandra Botez  Jul-12  $400.00

Jackie Peng   May 2014  $200.00
Alexandra Botez  May 2014  $400.00
Qiyu Zhou  May 2014   $400.00
Razvan Preotu  May 2014  $400.00