Hans Jung

FIDE Master (1999)

Chess Co-ordinator, City of Kitchener, Ontario (2002-); first such position in Canada

Editor, En Passant/Chess Canada …checs 2003.12-2005.06; changed name and content focus back to Canada

Ontario Closed Champion 1996; only player undefeated, ahead of FM Findlay, IM Nickoloff, future FM Teodoro IV, 

future FM Dougherty, IM Day, future IM Livshits

2nd place Canadian Open 1988

FIDE Master 1999

Gave blindfold simultaneous exhibitions on 8 boards or more over 25 year period (1982-2006)

Gave blindfold simultaneous exhibition on 26 boards 1993

Hans Jung - Andrew Dabrowski

Blindfold Simultaneous Exhibition on 8 boards by Jung, Mississauga,

Ontario, 2001.05.03

Hans Jung's choice for his favourite game of his own:

Jay Zendrowski - Hans Jung

City Championship, London, Ontario, 1977, Round 6

Hans Jung selected two additional games, a win in 'his opening' against IM Nickoloff and an 'exciting win' against IM Day:

Hans Jung - Bryon Nickoloff

Ontario Open Championship, Guelph, Ontario, 1990.05.21

Hans Jung - Lawrence Day

Ontario Closed Championship, Toronto, Ontario, 1996.01.26, Round 7


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