Historical National Chess Officers by Era
Canadian Chess Association
Chess Federation of Canada
The Modern Era 


Canadian Chess Association

Founded in 1872, the Canadian Chess Association held the annual Canadian Championships until being reborn in 1932.

1872HamiltonProf. John B. Cherriman (Toronto)Prof. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)
Prof. James de Mille (Halifax)
Dr. Allen M. Ring (St. John, NB)
Dr. Isaac Ryall (Hamilton)CIN, 5 October 1872
1873TorontoProf. John B. Cherriman (Toronto)Prof. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)
Prof. James de Mille (Halifax)
Dr. Allan M. Ring (St. John, NB)
J. White (Montreal)CIN, 31 May 1873
1873TorontoProf. John B. Cherriman (Toronto)Prof. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)
J.H. Graham (Saint John, NB)
J.T. Wylde (Halifax)
J. White (Stanstead, Que) 
18741 Prof. John B. Cherriman (Toronto)Prof. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)
J.B. Hurlbert (Ottawa)
George E. Jackson (Seaforth, ON)
Alf. Mills (Saint John, NB)
Rev. T.D. Phillips (Ottawa)Globe, 3 July 1875
1876HamiltonProf. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)Thomas Workman (Montreal)
E.T. Fletcher (Quebec)
C.P. Champion (Quebec)
Dr. Orton (Ancaster, ON)
Case (Hamilton)
 CIN, 7 October 1876
1878 Prof. H. Aspinwall HoweThomas Workman
Prof. William H. Hicks
Jacob G. AscherGlobe, 1 June 1878
1879MontrealJohn Barry (Montreal)J.H. Gordon (Toronto)
F.-X. Lambert (Ottawa)
E.B. Holt (Qubec)
Rev. T.D. Phillips (Ottawa)L'Opinion Publique, 19 June 1879
1880 Le Droit (Quebec)Thomas Workman (Montreal)
Dr. Hurlbert (Ottawa)
Dr. Isaac Ryall (Hamilton)
Rev. T.D. Phillips (Ottawa)Globe, 12 February 1881
1881OttawaT. LeDroit (Quebec)Thomas Workman (Montreal)
Dr. Hurlbert (Ottawa)
Dr. Isaac Ryall (Hamilton)
M.J. Murphy (Quebec)L'Opinion Publique, 10 March 1881
1882QuebecT. LeDroit (Quebec)Thomas Workman (Montreal)
Prof. William H. Hicks (Montreal)
Dr. Isaac Ryall (Hamilton)
John Henderson (Montreal)Globe, 14 January 1882
1883MontrealG. Casey, MP (Ottawa)Dr. Hurlburt (Ottawa)
F.X. Lambert (Ottawa)
Prof. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)
W.H. Morgan (Ottawa)Globe, 13 January 1883
18842 G. Casey, MP (Ottawa)Dr. J.B. Hurlburt (Ottawa)
F.H. Lambert (Ottawa)
Prof. John B. Cherriman (Toronto)
Prof. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)
W.H. Morgan (Ottawa) 
1888QuebecProf. H. Aspinwall Howe (Montreal)Prof. William H. Hicks (Montreal)
J.B. Halkett (Ottawa)
C. P. Champion (Quebec)
John Henderson (Montreal)Gazette, 8 February 1888
1889MontrealC. P. Champion (Quebec)Prof. William H. Hicks (Montreal)
S.E. Narraway (Ottawa)
M.J. Murphy (Quebec)Gazette, 21 January 1889
1891MontrealWilliam Boultbee (Toronto)John Henderson (Montreal)
James E. Narraway (Ottawa)
C. P. Champion (Quebec)
John McGregor (Toronto)Gazette, 7 January 1891
1899MontrealJames E. Narraway (Ottawa)T.R. Davies (Montreal)
A.L. Kent (Montreal)
Prof. Cox (Montreal)
Prof. Mavor (Toronto)
Dr. Starke (Toronto)
W. Braithwaite (Toronto)
A.K. Blackadar (Ottawa)
C. Corbould Sr. (Orillia)
F. Jemmett (Prescott)
C.P. Champion (Quebec)
G. Patterson (Winnipeg)
H.M. Kittson (Hamilton)
C.B. Heyd, MP (Brantford)
A. Archambault (Ste. Hyacinthe)
A.M. Snellgrove (Orillia)Gazette, 4 April 1899
1909TorontoJ.S. Leo (Montreal)Very Rev. Dean Combes (Winnipeg)
Ernest Saunders (Toronto)
A.W. McArthur (Westmount)Toronto World, 4 January 1909
1910/11WestmountVery Rev. Dean Combes (Winnipeg)Bishop Reeve (Toronto)
W.C. Eddis (Toronto)
Joseph Sawyer (Montreal)
Charles Blake (Winnipeg)Gazette, 2 January 1911
1924 J.W. Moncur Malcolm Sim, Secretary 
1926 Stanley B. WilsonG.F. GriffinAntoine Lamothe
L. Blanchard

The information in this table was compiled by Stephen Wright.

The 4th annual meeting of the CCA took place in Ottawa, 17 Aug 1875. From the Dubuque Chess Journal. A meeting included a tournament.
Managing Committee: C.P. Champion (Quebec), Dr. Isaac Ryall (Hamilton), T.C. Larose (Ottawa), Prof. William H. Hicks, John Barry (Montreal), and Jacob G. Ascher (Montreal).


Chess Federation of Canada

Founded in Haileybury, Ontario, in 1932. Late in the 20th century, the most important offices in the federation were the ones given, but at other times "Vice-President" or "Junior Coordinator" (now "Youth Coordinator") or even "Rating Auditor" may have played major roles. Another is the "Rating Statistician" who calculated, tabulated, and arranged for printing of the rating list. In 1959, Adrian J. van Lieshout of Smithers BC was elected to that post, one which he held for about a decade. Later Walter (Vlad) Dobrich took over the responsibility, then circa 1973 it passed permanently to the Business Office.

YearLocationPresidentSecretaryTreasurerFIDE Rep
1932HaileyburyR.H.UnwinH.A.SeymourBernard Freedman 
1933WinnipegR.H.UnwinH.A.SeymourBernard Freedman 
1934TorontoG.GaudetS.B.WilsonBernard Freedman 
1935MontrealEphrem BriseboisS.B.WilsonBernard Freedman 
19361TorontoC.A.CromptonR.TrottierBernard Freedman 
1937QuebecR.G.GingrasR.TrottierBernard Freedman 
19382TorontoT.SchofieldH.W.JordanBernard Freedman 
1939TorontoT.SchofieldBernard FreedmanEphrem Brisebois 
19403MontrealT.SchofieldBernard FreedmanEphrem Brisebois 
1941Winnipeg Henry L. Roy E.A. CanfieldEphrem Brisebois  
1942TorontoHenry L.RoyIsrael J.DremanEphrem Brisebois 
1943DalhousieHenry L.RoySidney F.CooperJ.Baines Lewis 
1944SaskatoonHenry L.RoySidney F.CooperC.C. Kirby 
19454,5TorontoC.RobillardF.L.HoggC.C.KirbyBernard Freedman
1946QuebecWalter S. RossPaul E. HersbergerG.F.DoyleBernard Freedman
1947VancouverL.ChristinP.BrunetBernard FreedmanBernard Freedman
1948OttawaBernard FreedmanOsias BainClarence CarrollBernard Freedman
1949Montreal Bernard FreedmanOsias BainJohn F. WestBernard Freedman
1950TorontoBernard FreedmanOsias BainJohn F. WestBernard Freedman
1951VancouverHenry LooseOsias BainJohn F.WestBernard Freedman
1952WinnipegHenry L.RoyS.F.CooperJohn F.WestBernard Freedman
19536WinnipegGraham G.FergusonPhilip HaleyC.L.KirtonBernard Freedman
1954Toronto Bernard FreedmanJohn B.BergevinChas. L.KirtonBernard Freedman
1955OttawaJohn PrenticeJohn B.BergevinAdrian E.RussellBernard Freedman
1956MontrealJohn PrenticeJohn B.BergevinAdrian E.RussellBernard Freedman
1957VancouverJohn PrenticeJohn B.BergevinAdrian E.RussellJohn Prentice
1958Winnipeg John PrenticeGeorge Bryant A. Mogle John Prentice
1959MontrealJohn PrenticeGeorge BryantW.HornungJohn Prentice 
1960Kitchener John PrenticeGeorge Bryant W. Hornung John Prentice 
1961Brockville John PrenticeGeorge Bryant W. Hornung John Prentice 
1962OttawaJohn PrenticeGeorge Bryant W. Hornung John Prentice 
1963Winnipeg John Prentice(George Bryant) W. Hornung John Prentice 
1964ScarboroughJohn PrenticeGeorge Bryant W. Hornung John Prentice
1965VancouverJohn PrenticeGeorge BryantW.HornungJohn Prentice
1966Kingston John PrenticeGeorge Bryant W. Hornung John Prentice
1967Vancouver John PrenticeGeorge BryantN.K.HoldenJohn Prentice
1968TorontoJohn PrenticeGeorge BryantN.K.HoldenJohn Prentice
1969MontrealJohn PrenticeGeorge BryantN.K.HoldenJohn Prentice
1970St. John'sJohn PrenticeGeorge BryantZoltan LeskowskyJohn Prentice
19717VancouverPhil HaleyGeorge BryantZoltan LeskowskyJohn Prentice
1972TorontoPhil HaleyStan PercivalZoltan LeskowskyJohn Prentice

The information in this table was compiled by Jonathan Berry: http://members.shaw.ca/berry5868/cfcmtg.htm.

From the Secretary's Annual Report 1935-36: "...The most important work accomplished during the past year was re-writing the Constitution.... The other event of importance was the adoption of the Canadian Chessner as our official organ."
From a letter by T.Schofield, Jan 25, 1939 "...Our former Secretary, Mr. Trottier of Quebec City, reported at our last meeting that the "Minute Book" and all documents pertaining to our Federation were destroyed by fire at his house."
In the Canadian Supplement to Chess - October 1940: "At the annual meeting of the CCF held at Montreal on Oct 5th it was decided that present officers would retain their positions until the new constitution, drawn up by J.P.Erichsen-Brown of Toronto, comes into force. The plan is to apply for a charter of incorporation and when this is granted the control of the Federation will be placed in the hands of a Board of Governors composed of two representatives from each province."
Organization known as Canadian Chess Federation until 1945 Annual Meeting, then Chess Federation of Canada. At the time it was to avoid confusion with the CCF political party. Later, "putting Chess first" paid off with regard to the organization's listing in the phone book.
The office of FIDE Representative was first suggested, and filled, at the 1945 annual meeting.
The 1953 President did not serve, and Nathan Divinsky became President in his absence.
Chess Chat Sept 1971 "After 16 solid years as President, John Prentice ..."


The Modern Era

In 1973, the CFC hired its first (part time) employee/contractor, Les Bunning, as Business Manager, thus transforming what had been a 100% volunteer operation. In the same year, it began to publish CFC Bulletin, a bi-monthly magazine. Soon thereafter, it began to sell chess equipment, then chess books.

YearLocationPresidentSecretaryTreasurerFIDE Rep
1973OttawaKalev PugiStan PercivalJohn ReinbergsJohn Prentice
1974MontrealKalev PugiMalcolm CollinsJohn ReinbergsJohn Prentice
1975CalgaryKalev PugiMalcolm CollinsJohn ReinbergsJohn Prentice
1976TorontoMalcolm CollinsAbe YanofskyWolfgang FernerJohn Prentice
1977FrederictonMartin JaegerWolfgang FernerLes BunningJohn Prentice
1978HamiltonMartin JaegerWolfgang FernerLes BunningJohn Prentice
1979EdmontonLes BunningEd RohanchukTerry FlemingJohn Prentice
1980OttawaLes BunningWayne KirtonTerry FlemingJohn Prentice
1981QuebecWayne KirtonAl MacDonaldTerry FlemingJohn Prentice
19821VancouverWayne KirtonTerry FlemingDoug BurgessJohn Prentice
1983TorontoTerry FlemingDavid Johansen Doug Burgess John Prentice
1984OttawaTerry FlemingDavid JohansenDoug BurgessJohn Prentice
1985EdmontonTerry FlemingHal Bond Doug BurgessJohn Prentice
1986WinnipegPeter StockhausenDale KirtonDoug BurgessJohn Prentice
1987TorontoGordon HoweKevin SpraggettDoug BurgessNathan Divinsky
1988ScarboroughDoug BurgessCarl GrantLes BunningNathan Divinsky
1989EdmontonDoug BurgessCarl GrantLes BunningNathan Divinsky
1990EdmundstonLes BunningFred McKimMartin JaegerNathan Divinsky
1991WindsorLes BunningFred McKimMartin JaegerNathan Divinsky
1992ScarboroughStephen BallFred McKimMartin JaegerNathan Divinsky
1993LondonNathan DivinskyJohn QuiringMartin JaegerPhil Haley
1994WinnipegYves FargesJohn QuiringVojin VujosevicPhil Haley
1995TorontoYves FargesJohn QuiringDan MajstorovicPhil Haley
1996CalgaryFrancisco CabanasJohn QuiringDan MajstorovicPhil Haley
1997WinnipegFrancisco CabanasJohn QuiringPeter StockhausenPhil Haley
1998OttawaMaurice Smith Cecil Rosner Peter Stockhausen Phil Haley 
1999VancouverMaurice SmithHalldor PalssonPeter StockhausenPhil Haley
2000EdmontonMaurice SmithFred McKimPeter StockhausenPhil Haley
20012SackvilleDale KirtonFred McKimLyle CraverSid Belzberg
20023MontrealPeter StockhausenFred McKimLes BunningMaurice Smith
2003KapuskasingHalldor PalssonAlvah MayoDilip PanjwaniMaurice Smith
20044KapuskasingHalldor PalssonLyle CraverEric van DusenNathan Divinsky
2005EdmontonChristopher MallonLyle CraverPierre DénomméeNathan Divinsky
20065KitchenerWilliam DoubledayLyle CraverPierre DénomméeNathan Divinsky
20076OttawaHal BondLyle CraverRobert GillandersNathan Divinsky
2008MontrealDavid LavinLyle CraverChris MallonMichael Barron
2009EdmontonEric van DusenLyle CraverMaurice SmithHal Bond
2010TorontoRobert GillandersLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
2011TorontoMichael von KeitzLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
20127CFC Online ForumsMichael von KeitzLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
2013CFC Online ForumsVlad DrkulecLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
2014CFC Online ForumsVlad DrkulecLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
2015CFC Online ForumsVlad DrkulecLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
2016CFC Online ForumsVlad DrkulecLyle CraverFred McKimHal Bond
2017CFC Online ForumsVlad Drkulec Lyle Craver Fred McKim Hal Bond 
2018CFC Online ForumsVlad Drkulec Lyle Craver Fred McKim Hal Bond 
2019CFC Online ForumsVlad Drkulec Lyle Craver Fred McKim Hal Bond 

The information in this table was compiled by Jonathan Berry: http://members.shaw.ca/berry5868/cfcmtg.htm.

The President served only part of his term. Vice President Bruce Thomas became President in his stead.
Sid Belzberg resigned and was replaced by Francisco Cabanas.
Fred McKim resigned and was replaced by Lyle Craver.
Van Dusen and Craver switched positions in mid-term. The table shows their positions after the switch.
Christopher Mallon was elected President, but resigned 4 months into his term. Vice President William Doubleday became President.
Robert Gillanders was elected Treasurer and served about half the year until he took the job of CFC Executive Director. The Treasurer position was then left vacant until Peter Stockhausen took the post, serving the last few weeks of that term.
7 Michael von Keitz resigned 8 months into his term. Vice President Mark S. Dutton became President.