Jean Hébert

International Master (1978)

2001 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame

2009 Canadian Chess Player of the Year

2009 Represented Canada at World Cup

2009 1st (World) Francophone Champion

2009 Canadian Champion

Journalist: Chess columnist for La Presse

Member Canada's 11th International Correspondence Chess Federation (1995-99) Olympiad Bronze medal team

Author of Match Karpov - Kortchnoi 1978, 1978; Border Wars III, 1984; Modern Benoni CD, 2000; Lecons d'Èchecs du tournoi international de Montreal 2001, 2001; Secrets des grandes parties au coup par coup, 2001; Le livre du tournoi international de Montreal 2002, 2002

2007 1st place Canadian Championship

2003-6 Published Au nom du Roi

2002 Represented Canada at Olympiad

2002 Canadian Open Champion

1996 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1990 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1984 Correspondence International Grandmaster

1984 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1982 Represented Canada at Olympiad; Bronze medal, Board 3

1980 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1979 Represented Canada at World Championship Interzonal

1978 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1978 Canadian Champion

1977 Drew former World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik in a simultaneous exhibition, Montreal, Quebec

1977 Tied 1st place Canadian Junior Championship

1976 2nd place Canadian Correspondence Championship

1976 Represented Canada at World Junior Championship

1976 Canadian Junior Champion

1974 Represented Canada at World Under-17 Championship

Here is Jean Hébert's choice for one of his best games:
Jean Hébert - Alexandre Lesiège, Pere Noel, Montreal, Quebec, 1994

Contributor (photo, game selection): Jean Hébert

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