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FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) is the World Chess Federation, the leading international authority on all things chess. The organization was founded in Paris on July 20, 1924, with Canada serving as one of its 15 founding Federations. Today, FIDE boasts 175 member Federations and administers a variety of world championships (Absolute, Youth, Junior, Senior, Women, Blitz, Amateur, etc.), regulates the rules governing play, provides official certifications and training (trainers, arbiters, organizers, etc.) and, above all, serves as a promoter of the game. Members of FIDE are the national chess federations which have authority over chess activities in their own countries and which have been admitted by FIDE. Only one federation of each country can be affiliated to FIDE.

FIDE President, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

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This link provides information on FIDE Officials and Organizations.


The General Assembly, being the highest authority of FIDE, is further described here.


As a single-country zone within FIDE, Canada has a seat on the Executive Board. Further information is provided here.


The Presidential Board meets quarterly. Its composition and duties are explained here.


The Zonal Presidents represent the interests of FIDE within their zone. More details are found at this link.


Permanent FIDE Commissions convene at least annually and are further described here.

FIDE America

FIDE America, otherwise known as Confederación de Ajedrez de América, is the continental chess authority for North and South America. Among its prime responsibilities are the organization of the Continental Championship and serving as a contact point for zones within its jurisdiction.

FIDE America President, Jorge Vega

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FIDE Zone 2.2

In the 1960s, FIDE divided the world into a number of Zones, in order to facilitate administration and global representation in the World Championship cycle. FIDE Zone 2.2, representing Canada, is one of a handful of single-country zones within FIDE - joined in the privilege by only the USA, Russia, China and the Ukraine. As such, all national championships within the zone also serve as Zonal Championships, providing for, among other benefits, direct qualification for its Champion to the FIDE World Cup. Furthermore, the winner of the Canadian Championship Tournament becomes an International Master (or International Women Master, as appropriate).

FIDE Zone 2.2 President, Hal Bond

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Commonwealth Chess Association

The Commonwealth Chess Association is an international chess organization concerned with fostering chess activity among member nations of the commonwealth. In particular, it promotes a Commonwealth Championship, which is regularly contested. Previous winners include Canada's own, GM Kevin Spraggett.


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