Frequently Asked Questions and Feedback

1. How do I get my questions/comments answered? 
First, check our web site, especially our rules in the CFC Handbook. Then, feel free to ask anything you want about the Chess Federation of Canada; chess in Canada; or chess in general. We will try to answer your questions as best we can. Send your questions directly to

2. What happened to the CFC's store that sells equipment and books? 
The CFC contracts out the selling of these products. Please visit these web sites for sales of our equipment and books.

3. What happened to the CFC's magazine? 
The CFC's print magazine was discontinued. Instead, CFC members receive by e-mail a monthly magazine in PDF format. Members can read it on screen, or print it. When you join the CFC, please be sure to give the CFC your e-mail address.

4. What is a Chess Olympiad? 
Chess has always been recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. However, chess was excluded from the 1924 Olympics on the grounds that chess players could not be separated into amateurs or professionals. The Olympics were reserved only for amateurs. Therefore, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) set up its own Olympiad, a team competition among nations. Today, professionals are permitted to compete in the Olympics, so chess maintains the hope of being admitted to the Olympics.

5. Why doesn't the government support chess? 
The government of Canada only supports Category A sports, those which are in the Olympics. Chess is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Category B sport, i.e., among those sports which are not in the Olympics. Therefore, chess does not receive sports funding from the government of Canada.

6. How do I get a National Master Certificate? 
Please review requirements here and send email to apply as indicated. 

7. How do I become a CFC News Updater? 
The CFC is looking for several reliable volunteers, to write up short news articles for the website on a regular basis. If you are interested, please email and include both a short paragraph describing why you would like the position, as well as an article of your own writing based on any bit of news in the chess world over the past two weeks. Checkout the CFC News page for further news and annoucements.

8. How do I bid for CFC Events? 
Bid forms can be found on our Tournament Director Resources web page. We require both the Bid Form and Budget Form to be completed and submitted to 
Bids are welcome for all official CFC events.