Canadian Cadet Championships 


Compiled in collaboration with Jonathan Berry, who has a list of winners and further details about the tournament.

1st Canadian Cadet Championship

Toronto, 4 - 9 May 19791234567890 
1Filipovich, David (ON)1863*½111111118.5
2Graham, Robert (SK)1832½*1½1011½16.5
3Gnam, Bill (AB)174700*½1110115.5
4Barclay, Wayne (ON)17530½½*011½½15.0
5Hergott, Deen (ON)16340001*+½1½15.0
6Liitoja, Ingvar (ON)17180100-*10½13.5
7Cartier, Guillaume (PQ)16390000½0*1113.5
8Therrien, Pierre (NB)1445001½010*½03.0
9Ross, Paul (ON)17450½0½½½0½*½3.0
10Woodley, Jim (BC)158500000001½*1.5

Source: 36-26

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2nd Canadian Cadet Championship

St. John's, NF, 2 - 8 May 19801234567890 
1Ross, Paul (ON)1734*10½11½1117.0
2Graham, Robert (SK)19080*½01111116.5
3Ersil, Ed (ON)16901½*1½0½1½16.0
4Woodley, Jim (BC)1763½10*0111105.5
5Hotz, Glyn (ON)182500½1*½1½115.5
6Barclay, Wayne (ON)19410010½*11115.5
7Roy, Hemant (NF)1433½0½000*1114.0
8Revusky, John (NF)13990000½00*112.5
9Lockyer, Sherry (NF)124300½00000*11.5
10Gravells, Doug (AB)1184000100000*1.0

Source: 42-28

3rd Canadian Cadet Championship

West Vancouver, 14 - 21 February 19811234567890 
1O'Donnell, Tom (BC)1876*0011111117.0
2DiDiodato, Robert (NB)18941*½00111116.5
3Kuznecov, Alex (ON)20991½*1100½116.0
4Bailey, Doug (ON)1897010*11101½5.5
5Lingo, Richard (MB)17140100*1111½5.5
6Johnson, Damon (BC)165100100*½1114.5
7Johnson, Tyler (BC)176800100½*1114.5
8Gardner, Robert (AB)169600½1000*0½2.0
9Lee, Simon (BC)176400000001*12.0
10DeJong, Walter (NB)1858000½½00½0*1.5

Source: 46-24

4th Canadian Cadet Championship

West Vancouver, 14 - 21 March 19821234567890 
1Johnson, Tyler (BC)2006*1110111118.0
2Meleg, Michael (ON)16380*10½11½116.0
3Girard, Robin (PQ)170700*11011116.0
4Schleifer, Michael (ON)1840010*0111116.0
5Thompson, Francis (NF)15611½01*10½½04.5
6Johnson, Christopher (BC)179100100*10114.0
7Southam, Todd (ON)1665000010*1114.0
8Basanta, Gary (BC)16350½00½10*013.0
9Bosenius, Bob (BC)16300000½001*12.5
10Higgs, Greg (BC)1522000010000*1.0

Source: 54-11

5th Canadian Cadet Championship

Calgary, 13 - 19 February 19831234567890 
1Southam, Todd (ON)1820*½1½1111½17.5
2Puri, Vinny (ON)1798½*001111116.5
3Johnson, Tyler (BC)202101*½01½1116.0
4Huda, Rehan (MB)1679½1½*0½10115.5
5Basanta, Gary (BC)17900011*0½½115.0
6Williams, Paul (ON)1836000½1*½1104.0
7Meleg, Michael (ON)196700½0½½*1½½3.5
8Bosenius, Bob (AB)16720001½00*½13.0
9Badii, Maziar (AB)1658½00000½½*12.5
10Huber, Gregory (AB)1672000001½00*1.5

Source: 60-11

6th Canadian Cadet Championship

North York, 7 - 16 March 19841234567890 
1Southam, Todd (ON)2095*½111111118.5
2Huda, Rehan (MB)2014½*½11111118.0
3Huber, Gregory (AB)17680½*½½111116.0
4Gardner, David (BC)173500½*½110116.0
5Lam, Richard (ON)165700½½*½01114.5
6Jutlah, Brian (ON)170600½0½*½½½13.5
7Chen, Tombert (BC)161300001½*0113.5
8Tierney, Geoffrey (ON)158900010½1*012.5
9Higgs, Greg (BC)159500000½01*12.5
10Green John (NB)1394000000000*0.0

Source: 66-11

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7th Canadian Cadet Championship

Victoria, 23 February - 2 March 19851234567890 
1Butt, Morgan (ON)1624*½011½111½6.5
2Becker, Leif (ON)1891½*½01111016.0
3Chen, Tombert (BC)16671½*0011½116.0
4Demers, Christopher (AB)1821011*½10½½15.5
5Back, Jeff (ON)1721001½*011115.5
6Johnson, Christopher (ON)1845½0001*11115.5
7Huber, Gregory (AB)1752000100*1114.0
8Tierney, Geoffrey (ON)167300½½000*1½2.5
9Penner, Michael (MB)1435010½0000*½2.0
10Anthony, Don (BC)1483½000000½½*1.5

Source: 74-19

8th Canadian Cadet Championship

Ottawa, 9 - 16 March 19861234567890 
1Johnson, Chris (AB)2040*1½111½1118.0
2Hung, Anthony (ON)17610*0½11111½6.0
3Huber, Gregory (AB)1983½1*1½½0½015.0
4Tierney, Geoffrey (ON)16670½0*10½1115.0
5Locke, Cameron (NF)162900½0*1½1½14.5
6Gagnon, Serge (PQ)161800½10*½0114.0
7Tierney, Matthew (ON)1648½01½½½*½003.5
8Butt, Morgan (ON)186700½001½*½13.5
9Tom, Leon (ON)17380010½01½*03.0
10Jarmasz, Peter (MB)16430½0000101*2.5

Source: 79-41

9th Canadian Cadet Championship

Ottawa, 15 - 22 March 19871234567890 
1Lesiège, Alexandre (PQ)2003*1½½1111118.0
2Gagnon, Serge (PQ)20320*111111118.0
3Olszewski, Piotr (ON)1781½0*11½½½1½5.5
4Butt, Morgan (ON)1920½00*½11½½15.0
5Tierney, Geoffrey (ON)1742000½*½11014.0
6MacNair, Simon (BC)158800½0½*½½½13.5
7Wu, Howard (BC)153100½00½*½113.5
8Morrissey, Leonard (NF)136700½½0½½*½½3.0
9Kelly, Edward R. (ON)1655000½1½0½*02.5
10Alishaev, Lev (AB)173200½0000½1*2.0

Source: 85-41. 9 Lesiège won the playoff 1-0 (second game not necessary because of tiebreak).

10th Canadian Cadet Championship

Ottawa, 15 - 19 March 19881234567890 
1Lesiège, Alexandre (PQ)2064*11½½111118.0
2Kerr, Christopher (ON)16770*11½½½11½6.0
3Becker, Lev (AB)170500*1½½11116.0
4Littke, Adam (ON)1852½00*½½½1115.0
5Morrissey, Leonard (NF)1580½½½½*1½½0½4.5
6Nataf, Philippe (PQ)16640½½½0*½0114.0
7Olszewski, Piotr (ON)19110½0½½½*½½14.0
8Gordon, David (ON)16390000½1½*103.0
9Hlady, Jason (SK)1443000010½0*12.5
10Wu, Howard (BC)16740½00½0010*2.0

Source: 90-48

11th Canadian Cadet Championship

North York, Toronto, 18 - 22 March 19891234567890 
1Littke, Adam (ON)1966*0½111½½116.5
2Lamb, Bryan (ON)21221*½½101½1½6.0
3Olszewski, Piotr (ON)1955½½*½½1½½116.0
4Morrissey, Leonard (NF)18000½½*1011116.0
5Gordon, David (ON)187500½0*111115.5
6Kerr, Christopher (ON)190901010*½½115.0
7Paduch, Andrew (AB)1814½0½00½*1013.5
8Fan, Colin (BC)1715½½½00½0*013.0
9Ferguson, Peter (NB)184900000011*02.0
10Barth, Cameron (MB)15530½0000001*1.5

Source: 96-33

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12th Canadian Cadet Championship

Moncton, 3 - 7 March 19901234567890 
1Lamb, Bryan (ON)2045*11½01½1117.0
2Littke, Adam (ON)21870*½1½111117.0
3Paduch, Andrew (AB)20470½*½1111117.0
4Becker, Lev (AB)2078½0½*½½11½15.5
5Bray, Blaine (MB)18261½0½*½½0115.0
6Wu, Howard (BC)1854000½½*1½114.5
7Closs, Matthew (ON)1696½000½0*1½½3.0
8Huda, Farhan (MB)172100001½0*102.5
9Briggs, Gerry (NB)1572000½00½0*12.0
10Ferguson, Jim (NB)1584000000½10*1.5

Source: 102-9. Paduch won the three-player playoff 2-0.

13th Canadian Cadet Championship

Victoria, 28 March - 5 April 19911234567890 
1Lesiège, Alexandre (PQ)2387*1111½11118.5
2Wu, Howard (BC)20320*½1½11½116.5
3Teodoro, Eduardo IV (ON)21280½*½½110115.5
4McPherson, Tristram (BC)185300½*1½½1115.5
5Wu, Adam (AB)16820½½0*½11014.5
6Casinathan, Umadesan (ON)1912½00½½*½1014.0
7Glass, Martin (PQ)2015000½0½*1114.0
8Ferguson, Jim (NB)17830½10000*1½3.0
9Martinovsky, Ian (BC)159800001100*02.0
10Federkevic, Danny (MB)19440000000½1*1.5

Source: 108-10

14th Canadian Cadet Championship

Winnipeg, 30 March - 3 April 19921234567890 
1Teodoro, Eduardo IV (ON)2118*1111111119.0
2Casinathan, Umadesan (ON)20130*01111½116.5
3Mirabeau, Olivier (PQ)191001*00111116.0
4Wu, Adam (AB)1960001*110½115.5
5Steingart, Nathan (SK)17370010*1½1115.5
6Lee, Brian (ON)193300000*11114.0
7Chan, Sherwin (AB)15710001½0*½½13.5
8Collins, Neil (NB)15790½0½00½*½13.0
9Ito, Andy (BC)1690000000½½*12.0
10Walker, Erin (MB)1301000000000*0.0

Source: Hugh Brodie's Canbase

15th Canadian Cadet Championship

Nanaimo, 15 - 19 March 19931234567890 
1Casinathan, Umadesan (ON)2036*1½11111118.5
2Martinovsky, Ian (BC)20450*111111118.0
3Castillo, Anthony (PQ)1899½0*11111117.5
4Donen, Joel (SK)1761000*½½½1114.5
5Marcil, Mark (BC)1789000½*1½1½½4.0
6Marshall, Peter (ON)1888000½0*11½14.0
7Ho, Andrew (BC)1732000½½0*1114.0
8Pechisker, Alfred (BC)16080000000*1½1.5
9Collins, Neil (NB)16450000½½00*½1.5
10Wu, Beatrice (AB)16970000½00½½*1.5

Source: Tournament Book

16th Canadian Cadet Championship

Toronto, 19941234567890 
1Teodoro, Eduardo IV (ON)2265*½1½½111117.5
2Hua, Lefong (PQ)2029½*½1½011116.5
3Ho, Andrew (BC)20540½*01111116.5
4Marshall, Peter (ON)1979½01*½011116.0
5Parker, Jonathan (ON)2070½½0½*½½1115.5
6Casinathan, Umadesan (ON)21580101½*½1115.0
7Chu, Christopher (ON)20010000½½*1114.0
8Lipnowski, Samuel (MB)14950000010*012.0
9McLean, Nathan (AB)163100000001*12.0
10Furrow, Matthew (NS)1599000000000*0.0

Source: 126-10

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17th Canadian Cadet Championship

London, - 9 May 19951234567890 
1Lou, Meng (ON)2114*111½11½118.0
2Zugic, Igor (ON)20260*½11½11117.0
3Hua, Lefong (PQ)21840½*½½1½1116.0
4Marshall, Peter (ON)220800½*½1½1½15.0
5Guo, Xin (ON)2083½0½½*0½½114.5
6Glinert, Stephen (ON)20310½001*½1½14.5
7Mohamad Nabi, Shahin (BC)188100½½½½*11½4.5
8Bertrand, Eric (NB)1750½000½00*102.0
9McLean, Nathan (AB)1706000½0½00*12.0
10Henson, Joshua (MB)1647000000½10*1.5

Source: 132-10

18th Canadian Cadet Championship

Winnipeg, March 19961234567890 
1Hua, Lefong (PQ)2140*½1½½011116.5
2Guo, Xin (ON)2163½*½1½½10116.0
3Wu, Douglas (AB)19570½*½½111½16.0
4Zugic, Igor (ON)2300½0½*11½½1½5.5
5Cormos, Eugene (PQ)2139½½½0*½1½½15.0
6Glinert, Stephen (ON)21601½00½*101½4.5
7Chin, Garrett (SK)1776000½00*1113.5
8Henson, Joshua (MB)1747010½½10*003.0
9Bertrand, Eric (NB)182900½0½001*½2.5
10Pechisker, Alfred (BC)2054000½0½01½*2.5

Source: 138-9

19th Canadian Cadet Championship

Victoria, 9 - 14 March 19971234567890 
1Ho, Andrew (BC)2309*1111½11118.5
2Charbonneau, Pascal (PQ)21620*01111½116.5
3Glinert, Stephen (ON)219301*½0111116.5
4Zugic, Igor (ON)235200½*1½11116.0
5Golts, Roman (ON)22960010*1½0114.5
6Hua, Lefong (PQ)2308½00½0*½1114.5
7Bertrand, Eric (NB)19190000½½*11½3.5
8Chin, Garrett (SK)19990½00100*½13.0
9McLean, Nathan (AB)19690000000½*11.5
10Wong, Samuel (BC)1881000000½00*0.5

Source: 144-17

20th Canadian Cadet Championship

Saskatoon, 23 - 27 March 19981234567890 
1Charbonneau, Pascal (PQ)2329*½11½½½1117.0
2Henson, Joshua (MB)2035½*½1½½10116.0
3Gottlieb, Jonathan (PQ)20630½*0111½116.0
4Golts, Roman (ON)2201001*½½11116.0
5Glinert, Stephen (ON)2323½½0½*½11116.0
6Hua, Lefong (PQ)2325½½0½½*11116.0
7Reddy, Tyler (NS)1938½00000*1113.5
8Nathani, Kaleim (BC)178801½0000*½13.0
9Remoroza, Alvin (AB)19860000000½*11.5
10Berscheid, Brian (SK)1650000000000*0.0

Source: 150-23

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