Lia Bogdan

copyright 1984 by Lia BogdanWoman FIDE Master 1986

First Canadian competition was the 1983 Canadian Open (4.5/10 in Master/Expert Section)

Arrived in Canada in June, 1982

First place in the International Woman Tournament of Nalechow, Poland 1981

First place in the Men's International Open Tournament, Scauri, Italy 1981

Several times winner of Women Championship of Bucharest, 1971 -1981

Several times winner of Romanian National Championship, 1971-1981

National Master 1976

Former collaborator for chess television programs in Romania

Champion of Bucharest for Junior Women, 1970-1971

Twice youth champion of Romania

7 times youth champion of Bucharest



Memorable Games:

Paul Williams - Lia Bogdan (1983 Remembrance Day Open, 0 -1)

Lia Bogdan - Hans Jung (1983 Remembrance Day Open, 1-0)


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