Endgame Lesson by FM Michael Kleinman

Endgame Lesson by FM Michael Kleinman


Two norms for Canadian players

This weekend was definitely a great weekend for many Canadian players. 

IM Edward Porper, from Alberta, scored a GM norm at the Chicago Open, with an impressive 6.5/9! He finishes ahead of 18 GMs.

Game of the Week - Daniluk vs. Persaud

Good evening chess fans. This week's game was played at the March of Kings, a yearly tradition at the Calgary Chess Club. Black's opening goes wrong in the following game, and white exploits his troubles with some neat moves. Have a look.

25th Canadian Chess Challenge

The PDF here is a photo report on the 25th Canadian Chess Challenge, held in Ottawa May 18-20. It is also a sneak peek at the new format for the CFC Newsletter (CCN).

Less Is More


In the following endgames, these players make full use of all their options to obtain the best possible result. Can you spot these surprising moves?


2013 Outaouais Open (T.O.R.O.)

The 2013 Outaouais Open will be taking place in Gatineau (Hull), on 7-9 June, 2013.



Event Report : Keres Memorial 2013

This year's winner:  Left to right: Co-organizer Paul Leblanc, IM Georgi Orlov, and TD FA Stephen Wright.    Photo Lara Lo.

Report submitted by Roger Patterson.

Best of the Web: Week 3

Hi everyone,

Keres Memorial and BCCF AGM

IM Georgi Orlov wins the Keres Memorial!

Game of the Week - Derraugh vs. Preotu

Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a good long weekend. The game I chose for this week's game of the week was from March at the Kitchener Winter Open.


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