Game of the Week - Zhu,H vs. Luo,Z

The "Jeunes Espoirs" tournament which translates to Young Hopes was held in late June to give Quebec chess juniors a chance to play against one another. I chose a game which features an attack which could have been parried but ends up working due to several inaccuracies by black.

Eric Hansen to play for a German team

If you still do not follow GM Hansen on Facebook, you might have missed one of his recent annoucements.


The Poisoned Knight

M. Chang (1775) – J. D. Castaneda Jimenez (2100), Père Noël Montreal 2012

Black’s advantage in space on the kingside give him good attacking possibilities. Furthermore, his best option is to follow through with it, as White is superior elsewhere on the board.


6th NY International (a norm for a Canadian player and games analysis!)

Congratulations to Raven Sturt, a McGill student, for his 1st IM norm obtained at the NY International in his hometown.

Michael Song is 2013 Toronto Champion !

After seven weeks of play, the Toronto Closed recently came to an end, crowning young star Michael Song who scored 5.5/7, only losing to runner-up FM Roman Sapozhnikov, and drawing against the other runner-up, FM Victor Plotkin. Both finished at 5/7.

Best of the Web: Week 7

Hi everyone,

This week my fellow contributors basically took over my job, since Félix Dumont and John Upper offered two suggestions each! 

BC Girls Chess Foundation


Game of the Week - Shebetah vs. Orlova

This week's game between Wajdy Shebetah and WNM Liza Orlova from the Hart House Winter Open back in January is one of the most interesting games I have annotated to date. Be sure not to miss it!

July CCN Preview: Hansen - Yam (Calgary 2013)

The July CCN heads to Alberta for tournaments and annotators:
    • IM Edward Porper on the Calgary International
    • FM Vladimir Pechenkin returns with "Canadians Abroad"
    • GM Eric Hansen makes two contributions:
      • two games from the Calgary International
      • four games and a tournament diary from the Edmonton International.

Pigs on the Seventh

D. Southam (2180) – P. Manalo (1845), Annex CC Summer Love 2012

White’s advantage in this position is obvious. With Black’s last move, 1. … f6?, he has only weakened his seventh rank further, allowing for decisive penetration.

Click below for a hint:



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