2013 Calgary International

B.C. - Washington Matches

Due to their proximity and relative isolation from other major chess centers, there has always been a (generally!) friendly rivalry between players from British Columbia and the state of Washington. For many years this rivalry has had official outlet in annual B.C. vs. Washington matches; this page presents the scores of these matches, along with details of specific contests where available. [In these tables the B.C. score is always given first.] {Stephen Wright " British Columbia Chess History" - web page}

Quebec Chess Challenge (April 28)

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A warm welcome from the McGill Chess Club

Dear chess players, It’s with great pleasure that the McGill Students’ Chess Club accepted to work on the CFC online Newsfeed with John Upper. We believe that this cooperation will greatly help promoting chess in Canada.

Welcome to the CFC's new Newsfeed

Hello and welcome to the CFC's new Newsfeed.
This is why we're here.

Ontario Girls' Chess Championship 2013


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