Game of the Week - Sapozhnikov vs. Humphreys

Looking back at games from this spring, I was really intrigued by a game in the French Tarrasch from the Toronto Closed where White's daring pawn play was not rewarded. His early pawn sacrifice in a somewhat theoretical line just didn't turn out well at all. Try to find out where it all goes wrong!

Open Lines

M. Pang (1829) – A. Green (2010), Abe Yanofsky Memorial 2011

White’s previous move, 1. exd5, was a mistake—with the simple 1. Be2, he could have kept a large advantage against Black’s forlorn king. What must Black do to seize a decisive advantage?


Mississauga Open 2013 : Results

- As posted by Bob Gillanders on Chesstalk -

A new Canadian GM!

Grand Master Kovalyov, who has been living in Quebec for the last 7 years, can now play under the Canadian flag!

He's officially the highest rated player in the country.

Best of the Web: the mutilated chessboard

The mutilated chessboard

Hi everyone,

Team Canada at the 24th NATO Chess Championship

Major Regis Bellemare's report of the 24th NATO Chess Championship

The World Cup Round of 16 - Fight for the last Candidates Spots

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2013 NAYCC : Results

Chess'n Math organized the 2013 North American Youth Chess Championship and offered an incredible opportunity to Canadian players.  

Game of the Week - Knox vs. Qin

The North American Youth Championship in Toronto appears to be a big success, and this week's game comes from the sixth round between Canadian juniors Christopher Knox and Joey Qin. A King's Indian Defense gone wrong for White gives Black a strong queenside attack, and you'll have to see the game to find out more!

Smothered by Pawns

R. Fillanders (1886) – S. Chuchin (1668), Riedstra Memorial 2012

Black’s king is cornered from every side, how should White tighten the noose?

Click below for the answer:



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