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Tactics: Caution: Manoeuvering in Progress

This week's Canadian Tactic comes from round 2 of the Almonte Open (still underway!) between two CYCC champions. White had just pushed e3-e4 and after the exchanges following ...dxe4 both sides are left with isolated pawns. What should White play now:
a) Rfd1 (developing the R and supporting d4);
b) Nb1 (attacking c4 and defending a3 in anticipation of ...Rfb8);
c) something else?

BOTW: 2016.08.23

The 23rd Abu Dhabi Open, a remarkable birthday, and the semi-finals of the Grandmaster Blitz Battle -- Carlsen-Grischuk, and Nakamura-MVL -- are this week's Best of the Web.

GOTW: Sarosy,Z vs. Anderson,F

Unlike most of our "Game of the Week" articles, today's game was played over 65 years ago by a man celebrating his 110th (yes, you read that right) birthday!

Tactics: Squeezed or Chopped?

Today's Canadian Tactic comes from the final round of the Washington International (Aug 13-17, 2016. Still underway!).
In the diagram, the FM playing Black spent 22 minutes choosing between ...Nf6 and ...Nc7. Calculate the tactics on each.

GOTW: Giblon - Cao, Polgar Invitational, 2016

It's Black to move and save the game. From R.Giblon - Cao, Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational (July 23-28, 2016) in St.Louis.
Rebecca Giblon annotates her round 4 win for Chess Canada.

2016 NAYCC Results

Results, photos, links, and a list of new FIDE titlists from the 2016 North American Youth Chess Championship in Windsor, Ontario.

GOTW: Sambuev - Le Siège, Quebec Open, 2016.

GM Alexandre Le Siège annotates his win over GM Bator Sambuev, en route to winning the 2016 Quebec Open.

BOTW: 2016.08.04

The last round of the 103rd British Chess Championship, and all 9 rounds of the super strong Sinquefield Cup are this weeks' Best of the Web.

July 2016 Tournament Results

July 2016 tournament results from at home and around the world:
World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad, Quebec Open, PanAmerican Youth Festival, Calgary International, and the 2016 Maritime Open.

Razvan Preotu wins 2016 Calgary International

IM Razvan Preotu won the 9th Calgary International. He scored 7/9 to finish 1/2 a point ahead of GMs Kayden Troff and Gata Kamsky (both USA), and Gil Popilski (ISR).


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