Tactics: Blomqvist - Kleinman, Sants 2017.

Our Canadian Tactic of the Week comes from the game GM Erik Blomqvist - FM Michael Kleinman, Sants 2017.
White to play: attack with Qxf7 or defend with Re1?

Upcoming Events: 2017.09

What better way to "celebrate" the end of summer than with one (or more!) of the 16 tournaments across Canada this September...

Michael Kleinman: Canada's Next IM!

FM Michael Kleinman will become Canada's next IM after earning his last Norm and pushing his rating over 2400 at the Barcelona Sants Open, Sunday August 27, 2017! 

Still in transit, Michael annotates the game that pushed him over the line here...

BOTW: 2017.08.23

A busy week in the Chess.com Speed Championship -- with three matches in eight days -- and a look back at the Sinquefield Cup and St.Louis Rapid and Blitz events through the player interviews are this week's Best of the Web...

GOTW: Dukic - Chen, 2017 Canadian Junior

Pictured are 2017 Canadian Junior Champions Richard Chen and Cynthia Cui. Our Game of the Week is Richard's third round game against tournament co-leader Zac Dukic: a long, theoretical and complicated Taimanov Sicilian...

BOTW: 2017.08.14

Garry Kasparov returns in the St.Louis Rapid and Blitz, and Lev Aronian is profiled in the New Yorker in this week's Best of the Web...

GOTW: Bhavatharshan - Mirabelli, Canadian Junior Reserves, 2017

The 2017 Canadian Junior Championship, August 9-13 at the Erindale United Church, Mississauga, ON. consists of two events: the 9-round Open section and the 6-round Reserves (U1600). 

2017 Calgary International: Results

GM Victor Mikhalevski won the 2017 Calgary International. He scored 7.5/9 to finish clear first in a field of 34, including five GMs. Mikhalevski won the Calgary International in 2010 and 2014.

GOTW: Shi - Miyasaka, SPFGI 2017

Our Canadian Game of the Week is Linda Shi's brilliancy prize winner from the recently concluded Susan Polgar Foundation Girl's Invitational, from July in St.Louis. If you want to see how to play with pawns in the Ruy Lopez, this is the game for you...

BOTW: 2017.08.02

The 2017 Sinquefield Cup and the Chess.com blitz match between Grischuk and Rapport are this week's Best of the Web.


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