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GOTW: Shi - Reeve, Battle of Alberta

Diwen Shi vs. Jeff Reeve

The top performer at this year's Battle of Alberta, held annually in Red Deer, was the South's board 4 player, NM Diwen Shi, with a score of 2-0 against his higher-rated opponent from the North of the province, Jeff Reeve.

GOTW: So - Le Siège, 42nd Olympiad, 2016

Alexandre Le Siège, regretting not playing ...Bxc3

Today's Canadian Game of the Week comes from the last round of the 42nd Olympiad.
GM Alexandre Le Siège annotates his topsy-turvy game against GM Wesley So.

Baku Olympiad: Results

Results of the 42nd Chess Olympiad. Canadian men with best finish ever...!

2016 Baku Olympiad: Games 1

24 annotated games from the Canadian players during rounds 1-5 of the 2016 Olympiad in Baku.

GOTW: Master vs Amateur

The Canadian Game of the Week comes from the 2016 Maritime Open, and is a good example of how a Master plays to beat a lower-rated opponent.
It is Black to move in the diagram: find plans for both players.

September 2016 Tournaments

Not playing in the Baku Olympiad? Want to qualify for the 2018 Team?
Start raising your rating at some of these 9 events across Canada this September!

Baku Chess Olympiad

The 42nd Chess Olympiad runs Sept. 1 - 13, 2016, in Baku, Azerbaijan. 180 National Teams and 140 Women's Teams are entered. Current standings and Canadian results and links to live games.
Rd.1 Canadian teams both won 4-0!. Rd.2: Men won 4-0; Women lost 1-3. Rd.3: Men lost to England: +1 =1 -2; Women beat Puerto Rico: +2 =2 -0. Rd.4 Men beat Indonesia 4-0, Women drew vs Philippines +1 =2 -1.
Rd.5 (Sept 6): Men beat Cuba (+3 =0 -1); Women lose to Bolivia (+1 =1 -2).
Sept 7: REST DAY.
Rd 6: Men defeat Belarus (2.5-1.5); Women defeat Portugal (2.5-1.5)
Rd.7: Men lost to Ukraine (+1 =1 -2); Women defeat Slovenia (+2 =1 -1)
Rd. 8: Men drew Vietnam (+0 =4 -0); Women lost to Serbia (+1 =0 -3)
Rd. 9: Men beat Denmark (+3 =1 -0); Women lost to Belarus (+0 =2 -2)
Rd.10: Men beat Latvia (+3 =0 -1); Women beat Japan (4-0).
Rd.11: FINAL: Men lost to USA on board 1 (+1 =1 -2); Women beat South Africa (4-0)
USA wins Gold. Canadian Men finish 11th!! Kovalyov wins silver on board 2!

Tactics: Caution: Manoeuvering in Progress

This week's Canadian Tactic comes from round 2 of the Almonte Open (still underway!) between two CYCC champions. White had just pushed e3-e4 and after the exchanges following ...dxe4 both sides are left with isolated pawns. What should White play now:
a) Rfd1 (developing the R and supporting d4);
b) Nb1 (attacking c4 and defending a3 in anticipation of ...Rfb8);
c) something else?

BOTW: 2016.08.23

The 23rd Abu Dhabi Open, a remarkable birthday, and the semi-finals of the Grandmaster Blitz Battle -- Carlsen-Grischuk, and Nakamura-MVL -- are this week's Best of the Web.

GOTW: Sarosy,Z vs. Anderson,F

Unlike most of our "Game of the Week" articles, today's game was played over 65 years ago by a man celebrating his 110th (yes, you read that right) birthday!


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