McGill Open : Pictures and Games Analysis (by FM Kleinman)


2013 Maritime Open comes to Charlottetown this summer

This year's Maritime Open Championship is being held in what might be called "the hub" of Maritime Chess, Charlottetown.

Game of the Week - Hebert vs. Laptos

Hello, everyone! This is the first game that I will be analyzing as part of my weekly "Canadian Game of the Week" contribution to this newsfeed. I hope you enjoy the games I select each week, and don't hesitate to send me your games if you would like them to be featured here.

38th Annual Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament

2013 North American Youth Chess Championship



2013 Ontario Open

2013 Ontario Open [FIDE & CFC]

CCN Preview : May 2013

Cover of Canadian Chess News, May, 2013

Members of the Canadian Chess Federation will soon receive the May Newsletter.

To Accept a Sacrifice

Initial Position

D. Dimitrijevic (2019) - A. Campos (1862), BC Senior Chess Championship 2013 White just played the stunning 1. Rg6, adding another attacker to the h6 square. Is it safe to accept this sacrifice or is the rook off limits?

2013 Calgary International

B.C. - Washington Matches

Due to their proximity and relative isolation from other major chess centers, there has always been a (generally!) friendly rivalry between players from British Columbia and the state of Washington. For many years this rivalry has had official outlet in annual B.C. vs. Washington matches; this page presents the scores of these matches, along with details of specific contests where available. [In these tables the B.C. score is always given first.] {Stephen Wright " British Columbia Chess History" - web page}


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