2019 Canadian Zonal

The next four Canadian Zonals have been announced. The 2019 and 2021 Men's/Open Zonals, and the 2020 and 2022 Canadian Women's Zonals will be held Easter weekend in Kingston, Ontario.
Details about the 2019 Zonal, right here...

Upcoming Events: 2019.02-03

30 chess events across Canada in February and March. Details and links...

BOTW: 2019.01.22

Gibraltar, the PRO League match between Montreal and Saint Louis, and the last rounds of TATA Steel are this week's Best of the Web...

Upcoming Events: 2019.01-02


If your New Year's resolutions did not include quitting chess -- or somehow included playing more chess -- here are 19 events where you can go to continue living your best life....


2019 CUCC

The 2019 Canadian University Chess Championship took place January 12-13 at McMaster in Hamilton, ON. Results and links...

BOTW: 2019.01.12

The 81st annual tournament at Wijk aan Zee includes six of the world's top 8 players, and is this week's Best of the Web...

Lasker 150th

For the 150th anniversary of the birth of the second World Chess Champion, Emanuel Lasker, we have the final game of his World Championship winning match... both decided in Montreal!

2018 Banff Open Report on Chessbase

Chessbase has posted a report by WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement on the 2018 Banff Open, with pictures, a game annotated by tournament winner Mark Ginsburg, and even Canadian chess personality bobbleheads...!

GOTW: Demchenko - Sambuev, Ottawa 2018

The board 1 game the final round of the RA Winter Open featured a rare match-up in Canadian chess: the current Canadian Champion played the #1 CFC-rated woman.
It was a fascinating game that did not go according to script. Annotated game and more...

Upcoming Events: 2018.12-2019.01

17 tournaments across Canada in December 2018 and January 2019.
Last chances to end the year right... and first chances to begin the New Year right.



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